Sweet 16 Party

Sugary Spring Chocolate -16yr- Sundae Bar




Sweet 16 Party


April in Charleston, WV United States


March 2008


Honorable Mention

I wanted a party that would be fun for everyone! I finally made a decision to have a Chocolate themed party. It was on March 29th, started at 5:00 pm and ended whenever the guests wanted to leave but they left around 8:30 or so.

For invitations, I went to my local celebration supply shop and bought packs of shiny star purple invites since me and my mom didn't have time to make them. They were so pretty! My party was located at my church in our fellowship hall which is big so we had a lot of decorating to do! I invited mostly family and a couple of my closest friends.

My mom, her friend, and my older cousin fixed a lot of food! For our dining in supper, We had steak, green beans, corn, chicken, potato and macaroni salad and bread. I wanted a home cooked meal and it was delicious!!

For snacks, we had different candies in decorated bowls on the tables and labled each one for example, the milky way table was named The Milky Way Monsters" "Crunch Crawlers" etc. and it was all really cute!!! Everybody liked that even though it took them a while to pick where they wanted to sit because there were 10 different candy bars to choose from! Since purple is my favorite color we had purple everything!

Tablecloths napkins silverware cups and even purple candles and we bought heart shaped holders to put them in. They were beautiful lit up with the lights dimmed! We also put ballon lifts with heart shaped balloons on them and little bears holding "happy birthday" boxes. (When the party was over I gave them out to the teens for souvenirs) We added confetti and lifesavers all across the tables for extra decoration.

GAMES: I made up a game like a cakewalk only mine was called "Candywalk" We used the computer to print off lollipops and drew numbers on them.

We had a food eating contest which was very funny. We had 4 different teams that ate food like brownies fudge rounds and other chocolate treats.

We had a raffle where we put numbers on reese cup filled eggs and had everyone to get an egg as they came in and after we ate we drew paper numbers out of a basket and it was exciting to see everyone win.

We did a jelly bean jar where they had to guess how many was in it and the person that won got the entire jar!

For the other games I fixed gift bags that included candy lip gloss journals suckers (some included money boxes)and hershey bars. My cake was huge. It was pink and purple and had jelly beans all over it with hershey kisses and suckers on the sides with ribbon. It was great!!

Of course we had vanilla ice cream and a sundae bar where the guests could add chocolate syrup whipped cream cherries fudge and other stuff. It was yummy! On each side of my cake I set up photo frames w/ pictures of me when I was little.

DRINKS: We made Purple punch and had lemonade and all kinds of soda pop.

We had a slideshow of me when I was a baby up until now and everybody kept watching it.It was definitely an eye catcher! I played music but it was soft music I had songs like carrie underwood jordin sparks and hilary duff's sweet 16 song playing in the background!

We used purple streamer and a sweet 16 banner we put over the buffet which was purple :) and had foil hearts on it.

The last thing was opening gifts and I had a table set up with a chair just for me! My dadmom and uncle took pictures with the digital camera and it was all amazing!!!!

I had a wonderful time with my family and friends it was hard work but well worth it! In the end My party was a little under $500. It was a night I will remember forever and I hope I helped make your next party something special!!!! "

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