Sweet 16 Party

Rock Concert Party -16yr- Local Bands




Sweet 16 Party


Kate in Anonymous, MA. USA


March 2008


Honorable Mention

From day one of my planning, I knew that I definitely had to have a rock band play at my party. Because I was on a budget, I found innovative ways to set it up to make it perfect! I used the theme of a concert to make the night perfect for me! I was planning on around 30-40 people for this event.

I had my party at a local museum that had a nice space that even came with a free outside space, and it even had free furniture we could use.(cost:$200 in total for the venue) I booked two bands from my state. One has members from my school and the other is from a city over from me. They were all really sweet and I paid them each $75-100 because they're newer bands that have real talent. Definitely a big suggestion is to find local bands to play.

INVITATIONS: I made invitations look like actual ticket stubs, so it looked like you were going to an actual concert when you got a ticket. It even had room for the names of the bands and how you could bring a friend. I made mine purple and white because purple is my favorite color. They even came with pretty purple envelops so I used glitter and stickers to decorate the outside. I even wrote Limited Access on the envelope flap.

DECORATIONS: I wanted to keep it with my theme, so I went all out on a budget. (which can be a little hard to do, but it pays off) I used purple and white streamers, balloons, and purple flowers on all the tables. At the front, I put a sign-in book that looked like a scrapbook. I put in pictures of my friends and I, the bands playing tonight, flyers for past concerts, and my favorite bands photos around where the names would go to make it a nice keepsake.

I put up old records on the walls. I used the records like frames and put pictures on some of them of my past concerts, and some of them I put pictures of my favorite bands/singers.(I printed photos off the computer, and my mom got the old, scratches records from where she works)  Outside, I used all white Christmas lights all over the trees to make it look spectacular. I used white Christmas lights inside too, and candles that were covered so there would be no accidents.

ACTIVITIES AND GAMES: When guests first arrived, there was a playlist playing that I had made on my I-pod and used speakers to make loud enough. In the back, I had set up a station to play the video game Rock Band  with all the instruments for people to play. About 15-30 minutes in, the first of two bands went on. People began to dance and loosen up.

Then, we ate pizza, and as we all finished the second band was finishing setting up and began to play. This band was a favorite of many of my friends and we began dancing and screaming along. After the band, we had dessert, danced more, and played more Rock Band 

COSTUMES: I made this a casual event, but I wore something a little dressier. I picked out a short purple and black cocktail dress that I paired with leggings underneath and my lucky black converse. I straightened my hair let it fall over my shoulders.

PARTY SNACKS: I served mostly finger foods that were available throughout the night. There were also beverages that my mom's friends volunteered to serve. We had pizza for dinner, and the cake for dessert.

CAKE: My cake was a three tiered small-medium sized cake we got for a very good deal. It was all frosted different shades of purple, white, and a little black. The bottom had music noted on it, the medium part had penguins and smiled faces on it, and the top part had hearts and polka dots on it. The cake was vegan chocolate chip cake because I'm a vegan. I used sparklers instead of candles to make it look cooler and more exciting.

FAVORS: One of the bands had a surplus of their first demo CD's, and because they had made better ones, they had donated the old ones for me to use. I put Skittles (my favorite candy) and a few other small things in little bags for each kid who came. This was my dream party from the start, and we got it all for around $400!!! I hope your party or your daughter's/son's party is just as memorable!

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