Sweet 16 Party

Desparate Housewives Party -16yr- Desparate Competition




Sweet 16 Party


Shannon in Edgewood, KY, USA


April 2008


Honorable Mention

For my Sweet 16, I decided that I wanted to throw a Desparate Housewives party.  There were 4 girls at the party including myself. 

COSTUMES- For added fun, I assigned each person one of the main housewives (Brie, Gaby, Lynette, or Susan) depending on which housewife they acted most like. Nobody dressed like their character, everyone just wore normal clothes, but if you wanted, you could make it a costume party. 

THE INVITATIONS were in apple shaped containers, because of the Adam and Eve" theme in the show. (The characters are pictured with apples on the DVDs of the episodes.) The invitation had a picture of their character and had the basic information on it (Date Place What to bring etc.)  I told each person to bring a pair of flip-flops and a pair of heels which will be explained later on. 

THE DECORATIONS were like a normal party would be- paper plates napkins plastic silverware etc.  You could make it a fancier dinner because that is most likely what one of the characters' party would look like.  We had chocolate roses that we bought at the grocery store for each person. 

THE SNACKS were mostly mouse-themed.  Read on to find out why this was.  But anyway we had all different kinds of cheeses crackers chips pretzels and candies.  Sprite was served in champaigne glasses to make it more exciting.  For dinner we had Burger King due to lack of time but had Fazoli's bread sticks later on. 

THE CAKE was an icecream cake from Graeter's that said "Happy Birthday Shannon" on it.  I also had an opera cream cake from Bon-Bonery.  Both cakes were amazing!! 

5 GAMES/ACTIVITIES were set up- one for each character and an extra activity. 

The first activity was Gaby's.  Since Gaby is into fashion and modeling we had a game to incorporate designing clothes. We split up into two teams of two (larger teams would probably be more fun) and each team received fabric tape stick-on velcro feathers safety pins and various other materials that could be used.  The teams were instructed to make an evening gown and a bathing suit each of which were scored on various different categories ("blinginess" colorfulness etc.) We had a blast designing outfits on eachother (over our clothes of course!).

Each person got to model one of their team's outfits in either their heels or flip-flops that they brought depending on if they modeled the gown or swimsuit. The judges (family) scored each team's outfits and rewarded the winning team with poker chips (since the housewives have poker parties on the show). 

The next activity was the misc. one. My parents created a script for "Desperate Mouselives a parody of the show in which each of us had to dress up as mice and privately record our opening and closing scenes. We video taped the main scene together, Ryan Squeakrest" was coming to "Wiskeria" and each mouse was nervous that he would get them to tell their secret. (Brie is allergic to cheese Gaby's boyfriend is a cat Lynette's father is hiding out in her basement and Susan's boyfriend works at a mouse trap factory.) After the party we watched the whole thing and saw what each person's secret was. 

Next we played Lynette's game.  Teams of two (different than who you were with the first time) each received a bag of paper crayons markers pens etc.  Each team had to design a room for Lynette's daughter and a room for her twin boys.  The catch was that the rooms had to in some way relate to the birthday girl. The judges again scored on certain criteria. The winning team got more poker chips. 

Then we played Brie's game.  We split up again into teams and had to make the ultimate party.  You must include games snacks gift bags and theme. The judges chose which party they would probably go to again depending on certain criteria. 

We ate dinner and didn't have time for Susan's game because each game lasted 45 minutes to an hour.  However the assignment was to create a story (since Susan is a children's book author) that incorporated sixteen random objects that were given to each person. 

FAVORS- At the end of the party each character had a gift bag.  We used our poker chips to bid on the bags (you didn't have to take your character's bag). The objects in each bag related to the character they were for including a $10 gift card to a store that character would most likely visit. Brie-Dillards Gaby- Victoria's Secret Lynette- Best Buy and Susan- Borders. The complete list of items in the gift bags are below. Brie- spatula apron styrofoam-shooting gun and cookbook Susan- slippers coldstone gift card deck of cards and a charm bracelet Lynette- cell phone holder table bowling set and a hoodie Gaby- Bath salts chocolates fashion magazine and a yoga book. 

SOME POSSIBLE SUBSTITUTES FOR GAMES- Newspaper instead of fabric could be used in Gaby's activity-- it's less expensive and more difficult to work with. Instead of playing the misc. activity you could have trivia-- it would be less time-consuming but make sure everyone has seen the show. If you are comfortable with it you could have a scavenger hunt dealing with some scenes from the show- go to a mechanical bull like Susan and Edie do in one episode. You could give each team a budget for Brie's activity and have them buy supplies to decorate a room of the house in their party's theme. Instead of working individually on Susan's project you could have everyone work as a team (it would be funniest late at night). Lynette's activity could be to make a specialty pizza for Lynette's pizzaria instead.  Hope this helps!!"

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