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Spa Party


Brittney in Phoenix, AZ USA


August 2010


Special Mention

Bubble Delight What's more luxurious than that feeling of a giant bubble bath? With an awesome relaxing and chic atmosphere, you'll have your guests filled with delight! 

INVITATIONS: Send out cute and fancy invitations that are out if thick pale blue shimmering cardstock. Make them as fabulous as possible, and seal them with a silver wax seal. Include the party time, date, and ask that everyone dress in pale or dark blue. Also ask that they bring a swimsuit for the Jacuzzi.  

DECOR: When finished, the house or party room should have that; Under water bubble bath ambiance. Replace all the light bulbs in the house lamps you'll be using, with blue tinted bulbs that you can buy at hardware stores. Blow up 30 balloons that are frosted white and metallic pale blue. Take dark and pale blue streamers, and hang them over doorways like walkthrough curtains. Rent a bubble machine and have it blowing bubbles all around the party room. Have a few tables with white, pale blue, and dark blue plastic tablecloths. Sprinkle sparkly bubble shaped confetti on them. Have cute rubber duckies as centerpieces. It's very easy to do, you just by stand up centerpieces, and glue a duck into them! Simple!

Have one table be the snack table. Have it supplied with delicate sweets and crystal bowls with snack mixes. Have another smaller square table, be especially fancily decorated. This will be the cake table, and you can also line up the blue decorated bags on this table too! (The girls will need to have these bags when the games start!)

Have the other table, be the manicure station. Have chairs with pale blue and white tool bows tied on them, and have a variety of nail polishes lined up. Pick pale blues, dark blues, metallic blues, blues with sparkles, and neon blues. Set out little plastic clear bowls for soaking the hands, and have a sweet scented bubble bath that will create lots of bubble for pouring in. Also set out blue emery boards. If you can buy or make one yourself, do balloon arches. Make bubble bath froth by taking white tool and staple or pin it to the ceiling in little puffs and streams like clouds. Hang on walls, blown up pictures of bubbles, bubble baths, kids blowing bubbles, est.

Around the room, place little scented candles, some scents like: Sea Spray, Fresh Laundry, Spring Waterfall. Or, you can find a water scented room spray. Also, have a stereo playing jazzy, relaxing spa music. You can also find CD's with sounds of nature, like trickling water and seas, that's gives it a good start of for extra ambiance.   Before the games start, give each girl her party bag, and ask her to put her name on it. 

The first activity, is called, The Bubble Pop Line up everyone, and give each girl as many balloons as you are turning, and a pen. Pick a cute baby blue pen like the sparkly kind with a feather poof on the end. Have the tip out, and on the count of 3, give the girls 10 seconds to pop all their balloons. Have someone count aloud so everyone knows the time, and have the counter squeak a rubber duck when times up. Have each girl count all the balloons they have left. Whoever popped all their balloons, or whoever has the less amount of balloons left, gets a full sized bubble bath from Bath & Body Works. Hand out miniature bubble baths for the girls to put in they're party favor bags.  

The second activity is: Best Dressed Have the girls team up in pairs of two. Supply each girl with they're own equal amount of bubble wrap, white and blue tool, and duct tape. Separate the teams in separate rooms. Have one girl of each team go first. Let her create a dress out of those materials given for the girl she's partnering with. Give all the girls 10 minutes to create the dress on the girl. When times up, have the girl model the dress through the balloon and streamer catwalk. Have the adult judges vote and pick a designer winner. The dress designer and model winner will receive a full sized body scrub, and then hand out miniature body scrubs to the other girls. (Including models!) Now it's the first models turn to create a dress. Repeat as before, and then the designer and model get a full sized body lotion, and others get miniatures.  

Now it's time for a relaxing activity. Lead everyone to the manicure station, and have an adult give out manicures. When finished, give each girl a blue emery board, blue nail polish and set of nail decals for they're bag.

Game 3 is: The Bubble Stomp Roll out 3 feet of bubble wrap for each girl. Have a counter count to 20. On go, each girl has to stomp out as many bubbles as she can before time runs out. Have the judge inspect the sheets, and whoever pops them all wins a regular sized candle, and everyone gets miniatures of it.  Now it's time for cake and presents! 

Game 4: Bubble Pit Have a pre-blown up extra-large and the deepest you can find kiddy pool.  Rent or buy a bunch of blue plastic ball pit balls. These will look like bubbles! Hide 3 mini rubber ducks at the bottom in random places. Have an adult with a stopwatch, time each girl as she jumps into the bubble pit in search of the ducks. Write down her time. Take turn with each girl, and whoever has the best time wins a regular tub of blue floam, everyone else gets miniatures.  Now it's time for some relaxation! Have everyone change into they swimsuits and pile into the spa. But before you can relax, there is of course one last game!  

Game 5: Bubble Wig-out Give the girls ten seconds to pile as many bubbles as they can onto they're head. When times up, whoever has the biggest pile, wins a large jar of bubbles! Everyone gets mini jars of bubbles.

After everyone has relaxed and had some smoothies or better yet, bubble tea, have everyone dry off, and put on they're robe and slippers. (Supplied as a gift!) At a kitchen table, supply it with little ribbons, and gems, iron or stick-on letters, and patches. Let the girls decorate their slippers and robe.  

Handout a few last things for they're goody bags; a rubber duckie, a blue Loofah scrubby, facial mask, mini body spray, and a little plastic baggie with chocolates and gum!   A perfect way, to end a perfect party!

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