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Spa Party


Hannah in Belfast, Antrim,  Northern Ireland


February 2011



Hi, my name is Hannah and this is what I propose to do for my 13th birthday in April.

INVITATIONS: My party is going to be a Hollywood/Spa (more about that later) party, so, of course I needed an original, Hollywood way to post my invitations. So I came up with the idea of buying 35mm film canisters from eBay (thats where a lot of my stuff is coming from) and rolling up long, thin strips of paper saying: Hannah's Happenin' Hollywood 13th Venue: _______'s House Date ________ (I reccomend doing this on a Saturday)

Dress Code: Your best Hollywood Gear" Time______" and then on my best friends invitations it's going to say "You're Invited To An Exclusive All Night After Party Bring Jammies and Your Toothbrush" The after party is a sleepover. Also I'm going to paint the canisters black with white cubes around the edges to look like film roll.

DECORATIONS: I am getting a lot of decorations off eBay. Obviously I am getting a red carpet which will go in my hall and then a V.I.P entrance sign for my front door. I am also getting these gold star thingies then silver columns and a clapper!!! There is also: inflatable champagne bottles a border a Hollywood Blvd. sign Walk of Fame stars for us to write out names on trophies for games for later these cool balloons and for tableware I have a centrepiece plates napkins confetti coasters and a table skirt (all Hollywood all eBay)

ACTIVITIES: When all my guests arrive we will go in to the dining room which will instead of a table have bean bags and a table in the middle lowered to ground level filled with all beauty stuff like facials nail polish make up and that. We will do all the spa treatments then once everyone has had everything done we will play some games (see below) and after the games I am going to put on a teen (I have watched teen movies before obviously but I am turning into a TEENager) movie preferably something like Ferris Bueller's Day Off or Planes Trains and Automobiles. After this some guests will go home and the rest will stay for a fun sleepover! I may set up a tent in my room to sleep in.

GAMES: Because it's a teen party I want the games to be cool.Celebrity Twenty Questions Whoever's turn it is they have to think of a celebrity. The other players gather round and take turns in asking It yes or no questions to try guess what celeb they are. A player can at anytime use their turn to guess. If after 20 questions have been asked It reveals the celeb and someone else takes a turn. TV Voices Game/Guess The Song Before the partyI am going to make recordings of the voices of TV characters.

At the party we are going to listen to the recordings and have everyone try to guess who they are hearing.  Plus the basics like Charades but random stuff like MASH and Talent & NON Talent shows. (That's what the trophies were for :D) 

COSTUMES: I am asking everyone to come with a dressing gown for the spa stuff and then they can reveal their glam Hollywood gear. 

PARTY SNACKS: I am going to get all the traditional party food: Pizza chips sweeties! Crisps (potato chips in America)chocolate (lots) and also during the movie I am going to have popcorn boxes around the room filled with chocolate crisps sweets and popcorn. 

CAKE: I don't really like cake but I am going to buy a simple chocolate cake with layers get some icing and that and decorate it Hollywood. On the cake tray I am also going to scatter some confetti. 

PARTY FAVOURS: On their way in I will hand my guests a party bag I got off eBay which consists of: body lotion shampoo conditioner shower gel hairband nail polish recipes to make your own face packs a small chocolate bar cotton wool pads and a toe separator. These are only £3.75 (about $6) Also I was originally going to get everyone a personalised T-Shirt but there are twelve of us going so this would've been very expensive so instead I am getting personalised sashes! I think this is v.v.v. original. (and cheaper)

I hope you like my party idea and that you have fun!"

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