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Three Day Spa Party (13-15yr) Jewelry Crafts




Spa Party


Chloe in Moosic, Pennsylvania, USA


June 2012



For my birthday, I had a spa/make over party, I would recommend ages 13-15.

INVITES: For the invites, I went on the computer and typed them. I decided to use a relaxing color for the text- light blue (on a white background)and put pictures of nail polish, make-up, etc. I wrote You're invited for a stay at the spa!" and included the time, place, date, etc. I only invited a couple of friends about 3-5.  

LUNCH: Since they were coming around lunchtime, we set up a 'make your own taco' thing outside. We set out lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, tortilla shells, and hot sauce. (what me and my best friend Love on our tacos.) We had all kinds of sodas, lemonade, and a punch bowl. 

CAKE: After lunch we had cake and I opened my presents. The cake was a home-made cake. Since it was a 'relaxing spa theme' I made the cake white with light blue cake mist on it and light blue around the edges.After the cake we started munching on candy- salt water taffy, and other neat candyies my mom found (ones that glow in the dark and change the color of your tongue!)  

FUN!: After we were done with cake we made braceletes, necklaces, anklets, rings, earrings, and other jewelry.  

DINNER: For dinner my dad cooked stuff on the grill like chesseburgers, corn-on-the-cob, hotdogs...By then it was starting to get dark so we went for a swim in the pool. I had bought floaties, tiki torches, stuff that glows in the pool... then we went to bed and watched movies. 

DAY 2- 
BREAKFAST: For breakfast my mom made french toast on Italian bread bacon smoothies, eggs and my personal favorite Taylor Pork Roll. 

MORNING: After breakfast we went swimming and had lunch, and milk shakes.

MAKE-OVERS: Then we started doing make-overs.I had made different beauty masks and bought nail polish, cucumbers, and make up. First we chose who would go first (my sister). Then we put a home-made avacado mask on her and covered her eyes with cucumber slices. While the mask was 'setting in' me and my friends each took a hand or foot and applied moisterizing lotion.

Then we did her nails, hair, make-up, and clothes. After looking in the mirror and saying "how beautiful she was" we each took turns getting make-overs. When we were all done we took pictures and put them in cute little picture frames. 

DINNER: For dinner we made our own mini-pizzas and had non alcoholic 'mixed drinks'in magarita glasses with lemon slices, umbrellas, and everything! 

DESSERT: For dessert we set out lemon squares, a boat load of chocolates, milk shakes, cookies, brownies, candy and all kinds of treats! 

DAY 3- 
MORNING: The next morning we hung out outside, went quadding and swam until everyone got picked up by their parents. 

GIFT BAGS: In the gift bags there were 2 bottles of nail polish, a case of lipstick, a bottle of lip gloss, a flip-mirror that’s also a hairbrush, a bath sponge, a scented candle, a small bottle of perfumetheir, picture, some hairclips, and a thank you for coming note.  I had a really great time at my party!"

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