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Spa Party


Jasmine in The Woodlands, TX, United States


September 2012



For my daughter's 14th birthday we had a spa party! She has always wanted to go to a spa and when we did finally go, she decided to have a party just like it. It is a little on the expensive side (around $100 - $200 depending on your choices) but, I guarantee everyone will have a blast! You might want to have some friends help you if there is going to be more than 10 girls. We had about 10 people and 3 adults to help out. 

INVITATION: We got a picture of spa related things and printed that out. Then we got a smaller piece of plain paper with all the party information on it and put it on the side of the bigger picture. We went to a Kinko's store to print everything out on card stock paper and to make sure it printed out clearly.

DECORATIONS: For the decorations we bought candles, flowers, and pillows to put all around the house for a spa feeling. We also rolled up some white towels and tied them with pink and purple ribbon. In the dining room, we made it into a nail salon" so we put water into some bottles and containers and added food coloring into them to look like the things you would see at a real salon. Also we bought nail filers nail polish and fake nails. In the living room we made it into the "main spa room". We bought 2 water foot massager and a small table that you can sit on the floor at. 


1.) We wrote down everyone's name and put them into a bag and then pull them out to see where everyone will start. 

2.) Nail Salon - You get to choose your nail color or fake nail design. Also you get a hand massage. 

3.) Spa Room - We will have a face mask cream to put on along with a face massage and some cucumber eye covers. Also you will get a foot massage.

4.) Sleeping Masks - We bought about 15 sleeping masks and decorated them with markers and glitter!

5.) Making Magaritas - We made virgin magaritas with magarita mixes ice and a smoothie maker 

COSTUMES: We bought whit robes slippers and headbands for everyone to put on during the party. You could asks your guest to bring their own robes if you want. 

PARTY SNACKS: Before the party we made some finger foods like cucumber cups mini sandwiches and fruit on a toothpick. Throughout the party I came around with a tray of those foods for each of the guests to choose from. You can Google some other small foods. After the spa was over we had pizza and pasta (even though it's bad for a spa) for our dinner. 

CAKE: WE had a custom made cake made. Of course it was spa themed. It was expensive but you can just buys a regular cake from any local bakery. First we bought a small birthday cake just for the birthday girl. When she was about to blow her candles out I splattered it into her face! I was really funny and we got a bunch of pictures. 

FAVORS: We bought some pink clear bags with pink soap a loofa and a facial cream in it. Also we had each person take home a nail polish color. It was a really fun party and I hope your's is too."

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