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Fall Spa Party -13yr- Fuzzy Socks




Spa Party


Cassie in Cincinnati, OH, USA


November 2012


Honorable Mention

How to host a Fall Spa Party! :) Recently I hosted a Fall Spa Party for my 13th birthday and it was a blast! :)It was the perfect little rendezvous for me and my girlfriends! Learn how to host a spa party that will leave you feeling relaxed! Hmm...first things first.

INVITES! For the invitations I had some patterned fall paper and cardstock I bought from Pat Catans or (Michaels) whatever craft store! , and made the cutest thing ever! If you don’t wanna do that, I considered finding flat spa-related items that I could write the information on.

GET CREATIVE! Consider spraying the invitations with perfume to add to the theme! Tell everyone to wear comfy clothes!:)

DECORATIONS! I went to TONS of dollar stores and bought (almost) everything I needed! I bought 6 matching apple cinnamon candles (very fall-ish) :) A necessity! To create the soothin’ atmosphere have lots of candles and Christmas lights which seems very fairytale like and peaceful! At Dollar Tree I also bought fake fall leaves and scattered them everywhere, to create the fall theme!  During the party we would be watching 13 going on 30 so I created a area where there were couches and chairs ~living room! (very cozy) I scattered fuzzy blankets and pillows to stay warm in the cold November weather.

We did our manicures and pedicures and face masks while watching the movie. There was a table nearby that had different colors nail polish, nail polish remover, 5 small bowls of warm water, (with little rose petals floating in it) for each person to soak their hands in before their manicure!  Also in the little seating area there were 6 big bowls on the ground (with rose petals) to soak our feet in for the pedicure. On the side table there was a pumice stone, and some nail files, and a new pair of fuzzy socks for each person! :)

For each person they also got a bottle of sweet smelling soap with a little red ribbon wrapped around it! I covered two tables with Autumn-related table cloths. My mommy :) had an electric liquid potpourri pot~where you pour a liquid smell (I used Apple Cinnamon) and it warms up the scent for like hours and hours! Mmmm.. Nice smell for the party! Also include nice fuzzy-wuzzy towels! Each person got 2 washcloths;  one to wash their face, and one to dry their face. And fragrant lotion. Yeah! 

FOOD! I really like food a lot. So for my birthday I really wanted to pig out on my favorite fall foods! The goodies includes Pizza, (of course) , cake , WARM-FRESH chocolate chip cookies, and I also had warm apple cider! We had a oreo three-layer cake also  from a local bakery.  And me and my mommy made the cookies 5 minutes before everyone came so they would be oh-so-gooey!  I also had water bottles, which I ripped the label off, and printed out custom made labels, which I made simply on Paint  with the program Windows.

TIPS! I added these little classy things!  

IMPORTANT! OI played fun, spunky music before the movie began.

HOT TOWELS! I made hot towels from baby washcloths which I soaked in water, rolled up (like a taco) and tied with a red bow, and then I microwaved them for like 30 seconds, and placed them on a silver platter my grandma had! :)

VERY CHEAP AND CLASSY! OFor the big bowls and small bowls I found some matching white bowls and I bought matching blue basins (at a dollar store). Since they didn’t appeal to me I put a little red tied ribbon, and they matched and looked nice! And I washed them of course!

OI put Epsom salts and sweet smelling soap (sweet milk and honey, I believe) into the bowls and basins and it smelled amazing, and made all our hands soft! I only spent about 60$ on this party! From things I had at home and dollar stores it was very cheap but fun and class

For the facials I used cold cream (Noxema) which I love to death! It makes my face so soft and clean! And cut cucumber slices for the eyes!  On the table there were mirrors (to put facials on) headbands, and ponytail holders, to pull hair back. Make little place settings for each person that will include their goodies!

I hope this helped! Enjoy your Spa Party! :)  

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