Spa Makeover Party

Extreme Makeover -14yr- Best Friends Edition Party




Spa Party


Jensen in Franklin, WI, USA


August 2011



So, I just had my 14th birthday party, and I decided to begin planning for next year. It's going to be a spa and makeover party.

INVITES:  I'm going to have a silvery cardstock with pink cutouts of make-up and nail polish. The who,what,where,when,why will be on the inside. I'll tell everyone to bring a swimsuit, slippers, bathorde, and anything they'll need for the sleepover.

DECORATIONS:  Since it's mainly going to be all about us, I'm just going to have some scented candles and flower petals.

ACTIVITIES:  When everyone is here, we'll go swimming for a few hours. After we all dry off, I'll have my mom take BEFORE pictures and a group picture. I'll have everyone change and then we'll go to my basement. We'll talk and hang out until my mom finishes making dinner.  After dinner, we'll begin the spa. So, I decided it'll be a smaller party; 6 people including me. I'll have 5 stations:  yoga/massage, manicure, facials, hair, and beauty. We'll work in groups of two, switching stations every 30 minutes.

The yoga/massage station will switch after 15 minutes (yoga goes to massage, massage goes to yoga).

For manicures, I'll have a table with all my nail polishes, nail polish remover, and a nail art pen.

For facials, I'll have 2 homemade masks that they can choose. They will be in a different room and can lay down and either read magazines or put cucumbers over their eyes and chat.

The hair station will have my straightener, heat protection products, hairspray, bobby pins, headbands, and mini tiara combs. I'll have pictures of hair styles if they want to try that or they can just do what they want.

For the beauty station, I'll have all the favors there. I'll have little containers with different products. The products include:  Hypershine lip gloss, blush, pressed powder, brightening eyeshadow, compact mirrors, eye make-up remover pads, and total face brushes. These are all e.l.f. cosmetics and are really inexpensive. I'll have different shades but more common ones so everyone will get something that they would wear. Everyone can use the make-up and, once they are done, and put it in their goody bags.

We'll now take another group picture and individual AFTER pictures. We'll watch a movie of our choice later in the night.

COSTUME:  they can wear their own clothes as long as it's something comfortable.

GAMES:  we aren't really doing games. We'll have enough to keep us occupied.

PARTY SNAKCS: I'll have a chocolate melting pot and fruits, pretzels, and other things to dip in the chocolate. We'll have Blood Orange Italian Soda, Ginger Ale, Iced Tea, and Lemonade to drink. There will also be water.

CAKE:  I'm going to do cupcakes and everyone can decorate their own!

FAVORS:  All the make-up from the beauty station, and the mini tiaras, and combs from the hair station will be the favors. Thank you so much and I hope this helps you!

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