Spa Makeover Party

Spa Party -14yr- Spa Experience




Spa Party


Hilary in Santa Rosa, CA, USA


July 2006



For my 14th birthday, I really wanted to invite my best friend, but because of her religon, she wasn't allowed to do anything birthday related. So instead, I decided not to even have a bithday party, instead I would just have a spa party, like a girls day out. So, since it wasn't exactly going to be really cheap, I invited my best friend, and two other very close friends.

For the invitation, we searched online for spa pictures and found one with the outline of a girl doing yoga. In "Chaucer" seafoam green font I typed: "SPA EXPERIENCE   At The Ridge"  Because we had decided to name our spa "The Ridge". On the inside we gave the date, time, and address. We told them to bring a bathrobe and a spa related item, and mentioned that the party would take place at the house and "abroad". My best friend came early and helped me prepare.

We made a face mask solution from a recipe we found online and also made body scrub, which we put in plastic bottles, one for each girl.

We placed candles every where, and put  a glass bowl on the sink, filled with water, and a pretty flower floating on it.

We laid out a few seashells, some fake orchids, and put up some signs (one on the door "THE RIDGE", one on the bathroom "LADIES", one in a basket "CELL PHONES HERE PLEASE", and one by a blow up airbed "MASSAGES")

We took a cardboard box and made it into a receptiopn desk, with a phone, old laptop, vase with flowers, and a sign saying welcome to the ridge, enjoy your stay. we got 4 white towels and laid them by the door, along with 4 cloth headbands.

Then, lastly, we put on some spa music, and turned on some fountains.

As soon as the girls arrived, we talked for a few minutes and got on our bathrobes, then my mom drove us to a nail salon where she paid for all four of us to get both mani's and pedi's. We drove to the video store where two girls decided on a movie, and my best friend and I chose 3 different movies.

We all went home and applied the face mask my best friend and I hade made earlier. Still in our robes, we put our hair up in the towels, and put cucumbers on our eyes, where we relaxed for a half an hour and talked. We scrubbed off the masks with pastel colored washcloths, as we handed out menu's including salad, salmon with a light rosemary sauce or chicken, rice or pasta, and a vegetable medley, and for dessert, two scoops, each of a different berry ice cream, with blueberries,blackberries, and raspberries sprinkled on top.

While eating, we watched the movie. and at the end of the party, we handed out baskets with homade body scrub, eye masks, their white towel, their pastel washcloth, their headband, some incence, and a little scented candle. Everyone then left, except my best friend and I.

We watched our three movies and she slept over. in the morning, we had fresh fruit, pancakes, waffles, bagels, and fresh orange juice. We got dressed and were ready to be driven back to her house to drop her off, when our parents surprized us! they took us to a swim clum, where we met up with her parents. Since we were not prepared, they bought us swimsuits in the gift shop, and we swam for hours.

It was the best day EVER!

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