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Spa Party


Daniela in Thornton, CO, USA


June 2007



TEEN SPA AND MALL PARTY. I decided to have a spa and mall party, mostly because the day after would be a he-uge dance party that another friend was having, so we decided to get pretty-ed up for it.

INVITATIONS: I invited about 4 girls to my sleepover party. I handed out a simple, computer-printed invation with the basic info. I also included that they should bring a bed or bath robe, comfterable shorts and tanktop (in addition to the oultfit the would wear to the mall), and any movies and cd's they have. I also informed that they bring money to buy an oultfit (even though I gave them each a $5 head start), and that it was a sleep-over.

ACTIVITIES: The first thing that we did when my guests got here was head on straight to the mall. There, we bought oultfits and shopped around. When we got home, it was about 5:30 p.m. (the party started at about 3:30), so then we drank some peach-mango smoothies and chatted in our tank-tops and shorts and robes over). Everyone put their new outfits on some coat-hangers and put them in my room for safe keepings.

Next, we had a facial-bar. What it is is I put a kind of a buffet" on my counter-top of all kinds of fruits and different food-products that you can make masks out of. I also put a kind of "recipie menu" with the recipies to all kinds of masks you can make with the products I laid out on the table so the girls made their own face masks. I also did the same thing but with hair masks. So while the masks were drying up we all voted on which movie we wanted to watch then we all rinsed off (one by one in the tub).

Then we all did each other's maniqures and pediqures and then sat and watched movies and ate t.v. dinners like pizza untill 11:30 p.m. when we went to bed in my living room. In the morning we woke up at about 9:30 had breakfast and went to the mall (again!) but this time we webt for a free make-up session at Macy's and got our make-up done.

Then we all went home again and took showers (one by one) then styled each-other's hair. By then it was about 2:30 p.m. and the dance party started at about 7:00 so he girls went home and came back at about 6:00 to do make-up and hair touch-ups then we went to the party all glamorous!

FOOD: At the party I made a peach-mango smoothie (2 lage peaches and 2 small mangos diced up in the blender with orange juice and ice serves 5). For dinner we had pizza and chicken fingers while watching a movie plus we had finger-food like deli-rolls and crackers with cheese and ham all through the night. Not to mention some caffine-free pop and juice so we don't have bags under our eyes from not being able to sleep the night before!

GOODY-BAGS: After the party I gave each girl their goody-bags with the following inside: - a gel eye-mask - a nail-polish - a lipgloss - a small card with the recipie of the hair and face mask they used.  That's it! I had an amazing party and I hope you do too!!!!!! "

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