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Spa Party -13yr- Kiss the Hottie Game




Spa Party


Jacqui in Winter Haven, FL USA


July 2007


Honorable Mention

For my 13th birthday, I decided to have a spa party. The theme was pink and black.

The invitations I made and sent out were pink with black layered on top. The black had white polka dots on top, and a piece of white cardstock that said You're Invited! I put the information on the back.

When everyone arrived,we made homemade icecream and put it in the freezer. We then went swimming and did water Pilates. After that, we watched a yoga video in my family room. When we finished with yoga, we did un-makeovers. Whoever had the worst makeover won a prize. It was hilarious! 

Before the party, I had decorated our hallway with 3 tables. The tables had pink tablecloths. Each table was either a hair, make-up, or nail station. My room was a bored room with board games, magazines, and other things for guests who thought a game was lame, or who were bored.

My brother's room was the relaxation room. It had a relaxing rain cd playing and candles. That was the facial/massage station. After the un-makeovers, we gave ourselves celebrity makeovers. Whoever looked the most like the celebrity they were trying to look like won.

After the makeovers, we played a game called kiss the hottie. My mom got a poster of Jack Sparrow, and we found some really light lipstick. After having the poster laminated, we put a blindfold and lipstick on, spun around three times, and kissed the poster. Then we cleaned off the poster and put a sticker there. The person who was closest to his lips won.

We then cut the cake. It was a Birthday Surprise cake from Publix. We also had pizza, chips, icecream, strawberry whoppers, strawberry marshmallows, gum, and other food. I opened my gifts, and when I was done, I gave everybody their goody bags. They were really surprised because they were expecting them in the morning when they left. My dog received a goody bag too. She loves opening gifts and everyone got a kick out of it.

Each goody bag held an intial necklace, boxers, a soap loufa (where you put the soap inside), soap, body spray, a mini lotion, a magnet, a princess pen, a pink coin purse, and a hand towel that said Diva. After everybody opened their goody bags, we went to the bored room where I had set up a photo shoot.

When they first arrived, I took them to the bored room and took a before picture in front of a boring background. After everybody received their makeovers, they were ready for the photo shoot. We had a stool for them to sit on, a fan to blow in their hair, and clothes for them to try on for the pictures.

We stayed up most of the night modeling and playing games. We were going to watch Just my Luck" "Material Girls" "Legally Blonde" "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" "The Prince and Me 2" and "13 Going on 30". Those are all good movies to watch if you have time! In the morning we had cake doughnuts which we decorated with icing sprinkles marshmallow bits etc.

After that we wanted to go swimming but most of us fell asleep for an hour. While we were waiting for their parents to pick them up we did a craft from the book "Dangles and Bangles".  What you do is take a picture of your head and cut it out. You cut out hats purses and clothes from magazines and catalogues that will be the same size as your body in the picture. Then you glue them all together on cardstock and cut it out. Have it laminated and punch a small hole in the lamination paper above your head. Cut it out (leaving the hole) and you have a keychain!

My party was a blast and I hope it helps. Now I'm planning my next party! Jacqui B."

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