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Spa Sleepover Party -13yr- Sleep Mask Invite




Spa Party


Aly in W. St. Paul, Minneosta,U.S.A


November 2008



I recently just turned 13 and I decided to have a spa-themed sleepover to celebrate my birthday.Since I was getting to be a little bit older I needed something more mature and cool.

INVITATIONS: For my invitations I made sleep masks out of white and blue felt.I began by making two templates ( one of them was a 1/4 in. bigger than the other.)  Then I traced the bigger template on to the blue felt and the smaller template on to the white felt.Next I cut out the masks ( I used scalloping scissors for the larger one).  After that I squeezed a line of glue 1/2 in. from the edge of the blue fabric.

Then I layed two 16 in. blue ribbon ties on the glue at the sides.Finally I layed the white felt on top and pressed the two pieces of felt together.Then for the invitation part I printed up the party information on cardstock and cut the cardstock into tags.Then I punched a hole at the top of the tags and tied the tags to one of the ribbon ties on the mask.

DECORATIONS:I first began by clearing out the room that the party was held in so that there was a lot of space. On the ceiling I hung twinkling christmas lights and all over the room I had little tables with bowls of flowers and floating votive candles. In the center of the room I had a table set up where most of the spa treatments took place. At each place there was a basket of spa stuff for each girl to use during the party.

The baskets consisted of a wash cloth, a hand towel, a headband,two colors of nail polish, a nail file, toe seperaters,a make up compact, a tube of lip gloss, a zip lock baggy filled with cucumbers, and a personel mirror.And at the far end of the room I had 8 chairs set up with foot baths.

Activities: When the girls arrived we all began by having foot baths. In each tub we threw in a strawberry smelling fizzy bath bombs. The girls really enjoyed it, but my parents had to keep running back and forth to fill are tubs with hot water.

After that we each painted our toe nails with funky colors of nail polish. Ounce we were done with painting our toe nails we went over to the table and began our facials.Ahead of time me and my mom made an avacado and yogurt mask that makes your face feel refreshed when your done.

For each girls mask we mashed a quarter of an avacado in a bowl, then stirred in one tablespoon of plain yogurt.we then spreaded the mask all over our faces with a sponge, avoiding the eyes, and then we washed it off after 15 minutes. During that fifteen minutes we put cucumbers over our eyes, laid our heads back, and listened to relaxing spa music.

After facials we did each others make up and we dressed up in my mom's old pretty prom dresses and had a fashion show. After the fashion show we all started to get a little bit hungry. Instead of cake this year I decided to have fondue. We dipped marshmellows and fresh strawberries into white and dark chocolate.

We also had fresh veggies and fruit, ham and turkey mini sandwhiches, and our own personel mini pizza's. (The girls had a blast making them.) Ater we ate we all got into our pajama's and settled down to the movie sleepover and then we told ghost stories for a while until we fell asleep.

It was by far one of my favorite birthdays I've had.

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