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March 2010


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For my 13th birthday I had a lot of big plans!  My grandmother decided to let me have my spectacular spa party at a hotel.  If it is too costly for you then just scratch the hotel part and do it at home.  

Invitations, I suggest either making your own or printing them off the computer.write the date time place and any other information on the cards.  Send them out at least 2 weeks prior to the party.  Make sure to tell the girls to bring pj's, set of clothes for next day, sleeping bag, and if you want ask them to bring make up, or nail polish that they don't mind sharing with everyone!! 

Decorations:   try using relaxing colors like pink,light green, and light blue. First you want to have streamers. set these up around the room you are using and the door to your mini spa. Then after you set that up get like a buffet table for food. Use a light blue or dark blue (whichever you desire) and set up your foods.T blothen for the table you will be eating at use a pink table cloth and use black or green plates and utensils. After you have that all set up blow up the balloons the day of the party! Sprinkle some spa colored confetti on the tables - put flowers in a glass dish and be sure to cut the stems off so you can watch them float! Also set up candles and or inscence around the room or rooms! 

Food: make sap berries.. you will need strawberries, white chocolate and regular. first take the strawberries and and dip in white or regular chocolate and set on wax paper. then take a fork and drizzle the other chocolate on top. let sit for about 15mins.  Fruit kabobs are another hit just use any desired fruit and slice then stick on the kabob sticks.

You can either have a wrap station for dinner with meats cheese and vegetables, or the easy pizza and soda option. For drinks you will need some cucumbers and oranges and of course water. Take the cucumber and skin the cucumber and use the skin in the water then add a slice of orange. This makes you feel regal... trust me. use these during treatments. For dinner drinks just have some easy stuff like soda juice and water!!

In the morning have some cereal, or parfaits with smoothies. All you need to keep smoothies simple is strawberries and bananas. Take your fruit and add 1 cup of strawberry or plain yogurt and blend it all up! The girls really enjoyed that.  Now you're wondering should i do cake or cupcakes... how about neither! Set up a sundae bar with a few favorite ice cream flavors and some toppings.  

Activities: give each guest 500 dollars of monopoly money and tell them you cannot say five words during the party.. if someone catches them using that word they take 100 of their money and whoever has the most money at the end of the party gets a prize. they can be funny or serious. Truth or dare is a favorite around bed time!!  there is a commercial idea where you break the girls in two groups and give them a product for hair, or a lotion and give them 15 minutes to come up with a commercial and present it to the other group.

Gather spa items like a headband, purse, pen,bath beads. bath salt,ect.. make sure there is only one of each item. Make sure there is enough to add up to the amount of girls at the party. Put them in a bucket and have the girls look at it for 15-30 seconds and take the bucket away.  Have them write down what they think they saw and whoever gets it all corrct first gets to pick out of the bucket first and so on.

There is also a sack game.. Get lotion, nail polish, lip gloss, shampoo, and conditioner so that only one pair is one color!!. Set them up differently in different bags and whoever matches theirs up first gets a prize. Then you must write down something either true or untrue about yourself and everyone must guess if it is true or not. Give one point to each correct person. First person to get to six or whatever number is declared winner.  

Spa Treatments:

Banana mask. Mash up three bananas and put it on your face. Let set for 15-20 min.

Alvacado face mask.. You can buy this from your local store or beauty store.

Exfoliation, take cornmeal and water and rub on face and rinse off.

Lemon facial 2 tablespoons sour cream, 1 teaspoon finely ground oatmeal, 1 teaspoon fresh lemon.. Mix together everything and put on face. Let set for 15 min. pore cleaning strips,1 tablespoon knox unflavored gelatin, 1-1 1/2 tablespoons milk. Mix ingredients and put in microwave for ten seconds or until slightly warm.apply to nose and chin area and avoid eye area. Let set for 15- 20min. It will set stiffly and as a stiff film. Peel off.

Blueberry toner. Make this day of party and do not store.. 3 tablespoons of steamed, crushed blueberries, 1/2 cup sour cream or plain yogurt. Mix ingredients on puree in blender on low until fluffy.. If it's too runny put in refridgerator for 1 hour or until your desired consestency. Leave on for 15-29 mins rinse off with tepid water.

Hand scrub, use white sugar in the palm of one hand and mix with baby oil.. Rinse off with warm water. 

Remove nail polish and put in a bowl of warm milk and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice for 5-10mins. Rinse fingers and rub olive oil in cuticles or use cuticle lotion. Start putting on nail polish!!

Hair, brush out each others hair and put in curlers..sleep with them in over night.

Put all the sleeping bags in a circle with their heads in the center!! 

Favors: give out candles,lip balm and or 5 dollar gift cards to jamba juice wrapped in a washcloth. Then put all of your goodies in a medium gift bag so the girls can put their prizes in them as well!!   Most of all HAVE FUN!!!!!!

These are just ideas that I used for my party and I hope that they will help you with your party planning!

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