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Spa Party (12-14yr) Decorate Flip Flops




Spa Party




October 2009



INVITATION: I found cardstock that looked like bottles of nailpolish at Hallmark. I bought some silver and pink glitter (optional), to dazzle up the invites a bit. I also found some well priced bottles of nailpolish at Target to attach to the card. Be sure to include who the party is for, when, where, RSVP, and that you will be going to a spa. 

DECORATIONS: Pink and white are very soothing colors, and I reccomend them for your party colors, but any color combination will work. In the backyard, hang pink and white (or the colors you chose) streamers all over. At Party City, you can find some very inexpensive white paper chinese lanterns to hang up. If your party is going to be held around night time, dig out some twinkly lights to string through trees. Inside, deck the place out with pink and white balloons, streamers, garlands, and twinkly lights. 

ACTIVITIES: When all the guests arrive, bring them into your bedroom and show a quick power point of what you will be doing at the party. Invite them into the dining room, where a pile of flipflops will be sitting on the table. Have each girl pick their favorite, and let them decorate them with glitter, beads, paint pens, feathers, etc. While you are waiting for the shoes to dry, go into the living room to open presents.

When the flipflops are ready, put them on, and drive to your local beauty salon. I went to Vancouver School of Beauty, because they accept large groups of girls. Try to order a package that includes facials, steam room, mud baths, pedicures, and manicures.

When you are done getting pampered, take your guests around the metropolitan area. Stop and look at some art gallerys, and chic stores. If you would like, stop by Starbucks to get the girls icedcoffee or tea. When you come home, allow your guests to chill in your backyard. Have a basket of assorted chips and Jones soda for the guests to munch on, and have a volley ball net set up for girls who want to do that. Serve a dinner of hamburgers, french bread, salad, fruit, and chips.

After dinner, go bounce on the trampoline, wade in the pool, or hang out on the play structure. Next, you can go inside to play a few games. One of the games you can play is called Spa Memory. Have a tray filled with spa items such as nail files, lotion, loofas, hair combs, nailpolish, bubble bath, etc. Allow the girls to look at it for 30 seconds, and then cover up the tray. Have everybody write down as many items as they can remember in 1 minute. The girl who remembered the most gets to select one item from the tray to keep.

After she has chosen, let all of the other girls pick an item. After that, it's time for dessert. Set up an icecream buffet with 3 different flavors of icecream, sprinkles, cherries, strawberry sauce, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, whipped cream, crushed candy bars, gummy bears, mnms, gummy worms, chocolate chips, white chocolate, chocolate, etc.

Watch a movie such as Life Size or Legally Blondes while munching on licorice, jolly ranchers, chex mix, chips, popcorn, mike n ikes, jellybeans, soda, and other candies. In the morning, eat a breakfast of bacon, waffles, pancakes, pastries, fruit, doughnuts, toast, french toast, eggs, sausage, ham, orange juice, cereals, etc. Have fun!

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