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Spa Party


Hannah in Phillidelphia, Pennslyvania


August 2009


Honorable Mention

A few months ago i recently turned 13 and it was going to be my golden birthday so i wanted to have a big party with lots of friends. In the past i had done most of my parties out, like at a bowling alley or at a swimming pool. In the past i always had really expensive parties too.Since i wanted alot of people to come i needed it to be cheaper. So i decided to have a sleepover. But i didn't want it to be a traditional sleepover with the classic game of truth or dare, movies, and tons of junk food. I wanted it to have more of a theme. Since i'm getting older i really couldn't have like a princess party theme. So i decided to go with something a little bit more mature, i decided to have a spa themed sleepover. 

INVITATIONS: For invitations we first began by making an ivitation on microsoft word. It read - Manicures and Pedicures with sparkles galore!, these are the things we most adore. Let's get pampered on a special day, to celebrate -------'s 13th Birthday! & then of course it had the traditional who, what, where, when,etc. Then we cut pieces of pink felt(4x4in pieces)and rolled it up with the invitation inside to look like a sleeping bag, then we tied white string around it to keep it rolled up.( it was super easy and dirt cheap). In the end i invited 15 guests and had 13 come to my party. 

PREP.: Before the party me and my mother went on a trip to the dollar store to get some stuff I needed for my party. We got a ton of stuff!( I'll just list it out for you). We got pairs of flip flops in various colors,toe separators, bottles of nail polish in various funky colors, a finger nail file, an eye mask, a spa headband, plain white t-shirts,foottubs,scrubbies, hand held mirrors, makeup compacts, lipstick,and feather boas.( Most of the stuff ilisted was part of their gift bags"). 

SET UP: We have a nice refinished basement in my house so we completely cleared it out as it was going to be the main party area. On one side of the room against a wall we had a bunch of chairs set up with foottubs below.we set up a few folding tables with trendy teen magazines around the room.Then I set up an area with tons of fluffy pillows bean bag chairs blankets and sleeping bags to use as a hangout spot. Above it I made a huge sign that said girly girl lounge. In the garage my dad set up long tables for us to decorate shirts on & outside we set up chairs around our bonfire pit.

THE PARTY: When all the girls arrived we began making shirts out in the garage with fabric pens. (Before the guests arrived we wrote ------'s spa sleepover party 2009 on the back).everyone had fun drawing cool designs and signing each others shirts it kept them entertained. After that everyone put on their tee's they made and moved on to the next craft.

For the next craft everyone sat down in the "girly girl lounge" and we decorated filp flops by tying strips of fabric around the straps.(previously before the party we bought different colors and patterns of silky fabric. We then cut them into srips [6in long x 1/2in wide].we cut them with a special scissor that zig zaged the edges.)What you do is you take one of the fabric stips and you tie it around the strap of the flip flop twice. They looked super cute once they were done but they took awhile to do.

After that we began the spa fun! Everyone put on there spa head band and we put a face mask that we got at the dollar store. We took tons of funny pictures with our masks on. We layed down on the floor put on some soothing spa music and put cucumbers over our eyes.Before we did pedi's and mani's we handed out giftbags that the girls super enjoyed (in it we had had nail polish that we needed for the mani's and pedi's). Next some of the girls sat down on chairs to get their pedicures.( the girls took turns doing each others feet).During this time we turned on some fun party music. 

After our mani's and pedi's we went over and sat in the girly girl lounge and played a really fun game to get people to open up and know each other (some of the girls didn't know each other). In a bucket I made a bunch of questions like who's your celeb crush? If you woke up one day and found out you were invisible what would be the fist thing you would do?what is the strangest dream you ever had? If you only had 24 hours left to live what would you do?what is your favortie disney movie? Etc. This was by far the funnest party of the evening!

After that we went outside to have a bonfire. We ate marshmellows and told ghost stories. Next we did makeovers. I brought down all of my makeup and my moms and we dolled ourselves up. I also got out curling irons straightening toolsand crimpers.

My mom had a ton of old prom dresses in the attic which made for great dress up clothes and my grandmother had old pearl necklaces hats flapper dresses and purses.we pretended we were models and had a fashion show and a photo shoot. Later we played around with the kareoke machine and pretended we were on american idol. Eventually we passed out on the floor.

It was a great party and I want to do it again next year."

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