Scavenger Hunt Party

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Scavenger Hunt Party


mArY in fAiRhOpE, aLaBaMa


April 2007



Well, I found this idea a couple of years ago and thought it would be great for a 14th birthday. My idea is a video scavenger hunt. It's basically where each team goes and films different items on the list(we'll get to that later).

INVITES: For invites I am going to get a square piece of paper and write: Mary Katherine's 14th Birthday / mm/dd / 4pm-7pm / 123 street / Be there or be square.(Get it a square piece of paper!)

FOOD: I am having about 15 teens so I need a lot of good unhealthy food. I was thinking of having chips & dip, chic-fil-a chicken, cookies and to cokes and sweet tea to drink. For dessert instead of doing cake I am going to have cupcakes and an icecream sundae bar. That's where you get a couple of gallons of ice cream and all of the topping you can think of and just let the kids make their own sundaes.YUM!

THE SCAVENGER HUNT: First I will split the kids up into three groups of five.(When you split up the teams you have to make sure there are even numbers of girls and guys. Also, make sure all of the spontaneous people aren't on one team because some of the itams on the list require a very brave person.) Each team will have a color so i will give each member a bandanna of their color. Each team will also receive a camera, driver(Mom, Dad, and my brother's girlfriend), and a list. The list will have about 25 activities the team will have to do on camera.

Examples are:

Sing the oscar mayer weiner song in the hotdog section of the grocery store.

Find a couple that has been married for 30 years and have them kiss.

Go through the drive through of McDonald's without a car.

Have a boy member dress up as a girl.

Get a stranger to do the YMCA with you.

Throw 27 pennies in a fountain.

Eat donuts with a policeman.

Use your imagination on other activities. Give each activity a point value. When we come back home we will watch the tapes and see which team got the most points. That team will get a small prize. Probably candy. Well I hope you liked my idea. Have Fun!!!!

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