Scavenger Hunt Party

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Scavenger Hunt Party


amanda in meridian Idaho America


June 2007



For my 13th birthday, I thought it would be fun to do a mall scavenger hunt.

INVITATIONS: I went to Wet Seal and got 5 bags, one for each guest. I then cut out a Shirt out of construction paper that had all the details on it (Where, When, Date). 

WHAT WE DID: My mom and her friend typed up clues to lead us to stores in the mall.

-  Go to the the store with a damp sea creature and buy a necklace for less than $3. So you'd go to Wet Seal.
-  Some of the clues said go into (name of store)and look at a certain item, and then that item had a clue on it to go somewhere else.
-  One of them was inside a bookstore. The clue was 'Go into Barnes N Noble because Amanda's mom wants to travel. Just know she's no dummy!' So we looked in the traveling for Dummy's Books.
-  In there we found a clue to go to that said, 'Don't Tinker Around or be Goofy, go try on a silly hat!' So then we'd go to the Disney Store and try on a hat.

We were in groups of two and each group had a bag from a store in the mall (so we didn't look like immature kids running around)and in it there was $10 in an envelope. By each clue there was a different symbol saying what to do at each place. There was a picture of a camera by places you had to take pictures at, a $ where you had to buy things, and a pencil where you had to write down an answer.(These were riddles like the Wet Seal ex. That you would write down.)

We all had to walk around the mall looking civilized for an hour and a half racing eachother to finish the packet. Each correctly answered question was worth one point and the winning team got a mall giftcard for each person.

FOOD: We went to Primos for pizza. Since we had taken a lot of pictures to be developed, while we were eating my mom went across the street to Costco do develop them in One Hour Photo.

AFTER EATING: We went back to my house and tallyed up the scores to see who the winner was. Then we started scapbooking the pictures we took. (Make sure you take a picture of each person wearing the hat or shoes or whatever in the clue!) We bought these empty books that were like cardboard only thinner and like cardstock only thicker. We also bought lots of different paper and paper mache flowers and jewels and glitter and things like that. Then we scrapped a cute memory book. The girls all really loved that. 


Disposable cameras - one for every two people
Scrapbooking supplys - paper, gluesticks, premade booklets (easiest)
Clues - Have mom and one of her friends stroll the mall one day (birthday girl cant come)
Bags - Bags from a store in the mall to hold money and cameras
Food - Ok I hope you like my idea!

We all had totally fun and everyone will definitely remember it. Be prepared because it lasted way longer than we had expected it. So start early. Mine took 8hrs. Have fun with the clues!  *don’t forget to develop the film

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