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Scavenger Hunt Party


Kristen in Chesterfield, MO USA


January 2007


Honorable Mention

For my 13th birhtday I had a scavenger hunt around my neighborhood [it is relatively large and won't work as well with a smaller neighborhood.]

InViTaTiOnS: For the invites I bought pre-printed paper with balloons and cake on the background. The information is as follows: NAME would like to invite you to celebrate her 13th birthday! Please join us on DATE, TIME-TIME at ADDRESS. Please wear shorts and tennis shoes [these are needed because there is a lot of running]. Fot the girls, tell them to bring a swim suit, cute PJs, and another outfit of their choice. RSVP to PARENT'S NAME PHONE# by: DATE

PaRtY: There were 7 boys and 8 girls [including myself.] There weren't many people, but I think it would have been to hectic with more than 20. We had everyone gather around outside and explained the rules to them. There was a list of items that needed to be gathered from houses around the neighborhood. We had to politely ask them for the item, and if given, had to get their signature on a line next to that item. There would be activities going on in and outside my house, which were also on the list. You could only do each of them once, and if failed, couldn't return. You also couldn't be at the same activity or house as another team. 

Then we had each boy draw a girl's name out of a hat, and that would be their teammate. Because of the uneven number, the girl whose name was not picked came to my team so there would be 2 people to guess on the trivia I already knew.

Then each team picked a bandana color, and had to wear it at all times. When we said go, everyone ran off to find items and complete tasks on a 1h 30min time period [This turned out to be too long, and should probably be shortened to an hour.]

The activites on the list were Music Mix-Up [given a 12 songs and 12 artists and had to match 8 correctly] All About Me Trivia [15 questions about me that were burned onto a CD and we played through our DVD player. Example: What is my dream vacation? A. Bahamas B. Paris C. Cruise to Alaska D. Sydney, Australia. Had to get 10 right] Movie Clips [given 10 clips from my favorite movies, also burned onto CD, and had to name the movie they were from. Needed 7 correct].

Because I love clothes, Fashion Design [each team was given a trash bag, ribbon, scissors, stapler and chose one person to design and outfit for the other teammate.] Those who wore theirs all day got a prize [see PrIzEs AnD fAvOrS]. There was also a hershey kiss count, and the individual person who was closest got to keep them. Items that needed to be collected included: chocolate, a cookie, a spoon, a shoe lace, a reciept from Abercrombie, etc.

Then when the time was up, all the teams returned to my house. Whoever had the most items and activities collected or completed won the prize as well as those who kept on their trashbag clothes [these prizes were smaller] After all this was done, we had pizza and cake, and opened presents. Then we watched a movie. I had a snack bar with pretzels, candy, cookies, soda, popcorn, etc. that was also available during the scavenger hunt. Then the boys were picked up, and the girls spent the night.

SlEePoVeR: We watched another movie, then finished up the cake, mad homemade popcorn, and went downstairs to set up sleepingbags. We read magazines and had a magazine hunt. There were 4 teams of 2 and each team was given a list of things to find [examples: A red mini-dress and a headline about Oprah.] Fake money, which will be used later, was given to 1st and 2nd place teams who completed it the fastest.

Then we played games, such as Truth or Lie [everyone says 3 sentences, 2 true and 1 false, and you have to guess the false one] Slot Machine [1 person is the crank" and 3 people put a skittle in their mouth. Then the person playing pushed the "crank" and the people with skittles stuck their tounge out and were rewarded fake money for 2 or 3 matching.] one game that doesn't really have a name but there are 16 balloons or twice as many as the people and half have varying amounts of fake money the others empty and each person chooses one ballon and pops it and keeps whatever is inside.

Then we had a fashion show with the swimsuit PJs and other outfit asked to bring. We set up a runway with lights and red carpet. For each of the 3 outfits we had winners in categories such as funniest cutest etc. These people won fake money.

Then we had an Auction. There were multiple gifts each decievingly wrapped and worth a certain amount of "money." Some were gag gifts such as an oversized pair of underwear. Others were nail polish etc. Then we had a dance competition 2 groups of 4 and they had 15 minutes to make up a dance to the song of their choice. It was SO funny!

By now it was about 1:00 am so we laid down and talked until we were all asleep.

BrEaKfEsT: we woke up at about 9:00 and had pancakes chocolate chip waffles donuts juice strawerries and milk. We played capture the flag until 11:30 when the girls were picked up.

PrIzEs AnD fAvOrS: for the winners of the scavenger hunt we handed out 2 giant hershey's bars for both the winners for a total of 4. Then those who kept on their costumes got 1 giant box of sour patch kids. For the party favors I handed out 10$ giftcards to the movies. 

ThAnK yOuS: on the same paper as my invitations I printed at picture that was taken of all the people some in their "fashion designs" and said Thank you so much for making my 13th birthday amazing and for the PRESENT. I really liked it. I hope you had a great time!  I hope this helped you plan your birthday!   ~Kristen "

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