Oscar Party

Oscar Award Party -14yr- After Party




Hollywood Award Show Party


Gwen in Phoenix, AZ USA


September 2006


Honorable Mention

This is the basic plan for my 14th Oscar Award/Hollywood Birthday Party:   

Invites: I'll be making fancy invites with pictures of stars (old, like Marilyn, and new, there also will be included a Voting Sheet and a ticket to the Oscars. They can, be a celebrity for the evening!

They'll need to bring the ticket and fill out the voting for (has all guests coming and awards, voting for each person, this also will be the R.S.V.P and will need to be turned in before party) the Oscars.

They'll also need to turn in a description of what they'll be wearing and their inspiration. And, they'll need to have an acceptation speech award, because they might be one of the lucky stars to receive the legendary award. 

Red Carpet:  (about a half an hour) Before the Party I will have my hair and makeup professionally done and everyone will be very, very glamorous, there will be 11 guests and they will be dropped off at 6 or 7 pm (and they will be dropped at there home by us around 10 o'clock pm the same day) There will be long red carpet that's roped off from the driveway to front door. I will have lights shining up at them like camera flashing and have a CD of applause playing in the background.

My dad will be in a tux and sunglasses and let guests in who are on the V.I.P List and have the ticket from the invite. Me and my other friends will be cheering for them when they walk the red carpet and then they will pose and have photos taken by my Mom. Once we're all there we'll go around to the back. 

Hollywood:  (about 45 minutes) I'm going to stand up and say, I really don't think all of you are big enough stars to be here, after all you're not an official star until you have a star. Then we'll go to the back where we'll have it set up with the Hollywood Hills and each girl will put down a star along with other famous names and have another picture taken. (The photos will be taken to a one hour place and picked up in an hour of the star and red carpet) 

Catwalk/Runway and Pre-party: (about 45 minutes) on the porch we will have chairs set around a long area. Each star will walk and pos and I'll be readying the descrbition of their outfit that they gave me earlier. Then we will go inside and flowers will be everywhere and my mom who also will be dressed up will be the bartender. Girls will talk and dance for a while and have finger foods and have posh non-alcoholic cocktails in fancy glasses. 

Awards:  (about an hour and 15 minutes) First I'll be giving an opening speech and will announce who will be presenting each award (every person will be presenting and receiving an award, but won't present one that they win. Each person will be getting an Oscars award and giving a speech. The room will be set up with rows of chairs, and a podium and microphone in the front.  

After Party:  This will be time the open my presents. Then the girls will choose there favorite photo of them or the whole group, and put in a photo frame. Then will come a limo! We'll all get in the limo and go to Starbucks and a few other places around town. It will be so fun to hangout with my friends in a fancy limo. We'll drop them off at their house then and they'll get their gift bag. 

Goody Bag: The package will be a little present box in red with a big bow around it. Inside will be there Oscar, photo frame, other pictures of them on the red carpet in a little bow also. There also will be a fancy bag of fancy chocolate with a title, thank you for attending note. There also will be a mini facial package and mini foot soak package (with a note attached saying, for any pain high heels may have caused!). 

Also, in about a week when they get a thank you note in the mail, it will also have more pictures of the limo ride, and Oscar award ceremony!  I think it will be a huge hit!

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