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Oscar Party -13yr- Fashion Cat Walk




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Ellie in UK


April 2006



Oscars/Cat walk party-  I am hosting an Oscars party for my 13th birthday.I have got many ideas of things that will happen during the evening. 

Preparation - I will send all (9) guests an invatation to my party. They will have to send me a quick description of themselves and what they will be wearing. The dress is dress to inpress/elegant.

Party - This is a list of all the events planned: Outisde door my brother will stand dressed as a bouncer.

When they get in there will be a red carpet in my hall and parents/family members siding either side shouting the guests names.

They willthen go into the lounge and be served posh non-alcholic cocktails.

When everyone arrives the catwalk will begin. Down either side of the room will be chairs for the guests to sit when they are not walking. Whilst they walk I will read out the description they gave me earlier. Everyone wil get a sheet of paper and on it they will write who they think had the best hair, best walk, best dress, etc.

When they get to the end of the walk they will pose and my mum will take a picture of them.

After the Catwalk they will give in their sheets with the votes on and go through to the dining room for dinner. It will be very posh and they will receive a menu with an area assigned on it to stick their photos that will be given to them, and an area for everyone to sign.

When they have eaten we will go back to the lounge where we will have the award ceremony for the best dress, best hair, best walk. that the guests voted on earlier. Each guest that wins a catergory will recieve a little prize and will have to come up to the front for a speech.

Next we will watch a film. I will ask in advance for everyone to bring kwl films along and we will vote on the one we want to watch. Whilst this is happening my parents will print off the photos and stick them one the menus. These will be given with some sweets and make-up as party favours. 

The after party- Once most the guests have gone a couple of my best friends will stay for the after party (a sleepover).  I really hope it goes well and everyone enjoys it. (aged 13)

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