Oscar Party

Golden Globes -13yr- Best Drama Queen




Hollywood Award Show Party


Courtney in Perth,Western Australia,Australia


February 2006



Night At the Golden Globes For my 13th Birthday Party I am holding the "Golden Globes". I am getting about 20 guests to come and they have to dress to impress... LIKE MOVIE STARS!!!

I am hiring a "Red Carpet" And On each invitation i am putting 5 minutes later to arrive then the person before so there is an interval to interview the "STARS" scince my mum and dad are muscisions i am going to be MC for the night and am using there awsome P.A system when all the gusts have arrived I am going to come down the red carpetand walking on to the stage.

I am decorating tables for the stars to sit at like at the golden globes. I am getting my brother and someone else to be photographers for the night so we catch all the good things on camera.

I will award all the people that come with awards such as "Best Drama Queen" and "Friend that ive never had a fight with" it will work out so evry one gets a trophy.

We are then having refreshments and non-alchoholic Champange in champagne galsses and then we are having our after party!!

We are organizing music to play and  setting up a dance floor I am having a V.I.P section which evry one will get to go in at some time.

A week after i am sending everybody a C.D of the great time we had with all the photos and thank you notes!

Invites:Red Card with gold calligrapgy saying : You _______ Are invited to the Golden Globes On the __ of ___ From 5pm til late.R.S.V.P to Courtney on _______ Adress..etc

Decoration:Gold and red HELIUM Baloons classy paintings and stars with guests names on them hanging on the walls.

Also a make shift dance floor is a great effect. My party is going to be awsome!!

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