Oscar Party

Oscars Party -14yr- Real Trophy Awards




Hollywood Award Show Party


Catherine in Perth, Western Australia, Australia


May 2005



For my 14th birthday I had an Oscars party.

I made the invitations on the computer to look like they were tickets into the awards ceremony.

I invited twelve girls, and told them to dress up like they were famous actresses. I made a long red dress to wear, and curled my hair into an elegant style.

When the girls arrived, they walked down a red carpet in our front hallway. I had bought 8m of red fabric and used it as a red carpet. My mum and sister (who is ten) took photographs of each girl entering.

When all the guests had arrived, we proceeded into the formal dining room, where the fire was lit and jazz music was playing. We had fancy drinks in wine glasses.

Then we left the dining room and went into the living room, where two tables had been set up. I tied a white ribbon onto the back of each chair to make it look really elegant, and we had purple tablecloths covered with glitter and sequins. There were balloons, streamers, flowers and candles everywhere.

After everyone was seated (I had placecards put out for everyone), we enjoyed a main course dinner prepared by my mum, nanna and housekeeper.

After the meal, I gave everyone little slips of paper, so that they could vote for Best Dressed, Best Makeup, Best Hair etc. I tallied up the votes while they all danced and chatted, and then announced the winners. I made sure everyone won something. I even had a stage set up with my microphone and stand to talk into, so that we would feel like we were really at the Oscars.

My mum had arranged for trophies to be made by a local company and we gave them to each guest, with their name engraved on the trophy. My friends loved them!

Then we turned out the lights and sat down to watch a movie.

After the movie, we had slices of chocolate mud cake, and I gave out the party bags, which included things like candy, chocolates, nail varnish, lip glosses and earrings.

Then the parents came to collect the girls, and all they could do was say how cool the party had been.

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