Oscar Party

Oscars Party -14yr- Oscar Cake




Hollywood Award Show Party


Laura in USA, Philadelphia


October 2004



For my 14th birthday party i threw an oscars party.

I made the invitations on the computer and I pretended they were tickets to get into the oscars award ceremony.

I told all my friends to dress up like they were movie stars and to wear really glamourous outfits.

We found an old red carpet in my grannys garage which we laid down on out driveway and we put mini outdoor lights down the side of the carpet to make it look like flashing camera lights. When my friends arrived my sister and her friends stood on the side of the carpet and screamed the names of my friends pretending they were real celebrities. My mom got a photo of each girl walking up the red carpet on the digital camera and we gave them out at the end of the party in the goody bags.

When all 11 of my friends arrived we went out in to the backyard were i'd put up a big hollywood sign in the trees and we pretended we were on Hollywood Bouleavard and each girl stuck down a star on the ground with the names printed in it. My mom took more photos of each girl putitng their star in the ground.

Next we went in to the living room and had pre dinner drinks and my dad made little cocktails for each of us. After that we proceeded in to the dining room which was the awards room for the night and we ate an amazing dinner which my mom prepared for us.

Then we held our own awards ceremony were I gave out awards for most craziest friend, most glamourous friend e.t.c. My big brother who was studying woodwork at university made each of my friends a mini award and carved thier names into it. My friends adored them.

After our awards ceremony we all went into the den where we watched the real oscars on tv. My mum bought us in popcorn, sundaes, birthday cake and mini chocolates which we brought from the mall in a little chocolate shop.

The cake was in the shape of an oscars award and it had each of my friends names printed around the side and my name in the middle.

Once the show was over I gave out my goody bags which included their awards, the photos of them, some little nail varnishes, lip glosses, sunglasses and a voucher for the nail salon in the mall.

Then all their parents came to collect them. It was a super party and all my friends are still talking about it and its nearly a year after.

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