Oscar Party

Night at the Oscars -13yr- Hollywood Sign




Hollywood Award Show Party


Charli in houston tx united states


November 2005



For my 13th birthday My theme is "A night at the oscars".

The invationare going to look like real oscar invations.And thers going to be 8 girls coming and 2 boys coming so for the 8 girls coming are also spending the night(the sleep over is kinda like the "after party") so I'm gonna put a BIG V.I.P sign on my bedroom door and give the girls V.I.P passes for the "after party".

Theres going to be a red carpet on the walk way of my house.and my dad is going to be the paparrzzi taking pictures of all the guests coming on the red carpet.

In my flower bed theres going to be a HOLLYWOOD sign. And on the red carpet theres going to be stars with glitter all over them with the party guests name on them.then in the den theres going to be an fashion show.

All the girls and dudes were asked to dress to impress on the invites so that’s what there going to wear on the runway.

They also have to make a desription of the outfits for me to read in the microphone.

My dad also put togather a really BIG slide show of me growing a up and now to present as the "feature presentation".

Then theres going to be an award ceremony where I had out award like best runway walk, best dreesed, etc each girl and dude gets to take home their star  and there awards I made.

So I choose the oscar theme because I love to act so that really makes since. I really hope the party gose well.

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