Oscar Party

Hollywood Oscar -16yr- Silver Star Invites




Hollywood Award Show Party


Ashley in Columbia, SC


October 2006


Honorable Mention

For my 16th birthday party i decided to have a hollywood/oscar themed party. It took me forever to decided how i was going to pull this off but i finally figured out an affordable way. Since my birthday is in december everything was going to be inside which suited my party purposes anyway.

The first step was sending out invatations. I looked online for invatations to buy but all were expensive. Finally, i picked a list of the top 5 invatations online and incorporated the quailities of each invation i liked into mine. I went to ac moore and bought shiny silver scrapbook paper to make my invatations. I cut out stars for the shape of my invatations. Then i glued hollywood confetti (you can get this at party city very cheap) to it. There were different kinds but i glued starts, movies lights and top hats randomly on mine then added the words Ashley's Sweet 16 on the front with black letters. on the flip side i wrote all the other info needed. Later i handed them out at school so i wouldnt have to mail them (make sure when u hand them out that people who arent invated arent around).

I decided to make my party semi formal so everyone would be dressed up. When the guests entered they would walk on a red carpet (just cut red flet) and was greeted by my brother who was in a tux. He walked them to the elevator (my party was in the basement) and indroduced each one as the steped off the elevator.

There was then a place downstairs that i set aside for a photo place. i had a hollywood background and each guest stood infront and got their picture taken (this would later be part of their goodie bags).

As the nigth went on we danced and listened to music until everyone arrived. Then we played guess that movie where guests would have to guess the movie clip to get a prize (cheap dollar store prizes work nice like fake rings, necklaces and star sunglasses).

Afterwords i got up on stage to hold the awards. I made a slide show of all my friends at the party and nominated them for things such as best dressed, funnies etc. Guesets voted on a ballot sheet and while eating cake (simple cake with hollywood and starts on it)i had my mom who was generous enough to tally to votes find out the winners.

After cake and presents i got back up on stage and announced the winners who walked up and recieved a glittery star made out of construction paper with the title of what they won written on it. Then i announced my awards for friends who had always been their and etc. everyone ended up with an award.

Then we played more games such as sharades, guess which celebrity you are (cleb names on the randomly placed on guests backs and you ask clues to find out who you are) the first 3 get prizes. Afterwords we dance and eat food on the buffet table.

All the while a slideshow of my life is playing to show my progress through life. It was a great laugh for everyone to see my baby pictures. Everyone execpt 6 people left at 8 and my closest friends spent the night. in the morning we went to get our nails done then got dressed up and went out for dinner. It was truely a fun time.

Later the next week I gave out the party favors. Which was mini photo albums with the award winnners and pictures of the party. Also everyone got a photo star frame with their picture they took in the beginning. It was the best party ever and it cost less than $250. Which was good because I invited 30 people.

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