Movie Theme Party

Geisha Night Party -15yr- Japanese Fan Dance




Movie Theme Party


Amelia in Indianapolis, IN USA


July 2006



We had a Geisha Night at my house for a bunch of 15 year old slumber party. My neice LOVES anything asian so we set up to have a slumber party.  

Decorations: Of course, japanese laterns, fish kites, regular kites, I made a cherry blossom tree cut out with foam and a sharp knife and decorated the entrance.  

Activities: During the night in, we made "kimonos" in which I bought different cheap fabric at the fabric store and the girls got to pick and "sew" them together (we used seam fabric glue). 

We made hair combs from cheap wooden chopsticks, ribbon, glue and feathers, gems etc.  We also let each of the girls put their "make-up" on each other and do each other's hair.

We also made fabric fans with large popscicle sticks, I drilled small holes in the bottom of them and we tied them with ribbon and glued material on the sticks.  

I bought a book on traditional Japanese tea service, and we practiced that until we had it perfect. 

We also made up a dance with traditional japanese music and the fans. We learned Japanese words, ate california rolls, spring rolls, lo mein, and of course, fortune cookies. 

The invitiations were paper fans with date, time, and directions info on them. 

We watched the movie Memoires of a Geisha.  

TAKE HOME: I bought bags and put pearls in them (party store necklaces), lipstick, make-up brushes, finger nail polish, chopsticks, fans, and CD on learning Japanese.

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