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Movie Theme Party


lianna in corpus christi, texas usa


November 2006



Pretty in Pink 13th Birthay For my 13th birthday this past year, I had a Pink themed party.

First, for the invitations, I went to Hobby Lobby and got about 25 sheets of pink paper with polka dots on them, 25 sheets of clear paper [i forgot what it was called], and a roll of brown ribbon. I typed all of the information on the clear paper twice, which divided the paper in half, creating two invites out of one paper. Then I punched two holes at the top of the invitations, looped the ribbon through there, and tied a bow.

I made around 40 -50 invitations and they cost around $40 for everything. These inviations are pretty easy to make, although a little time consuming. They came out beautiful and I got a ton of compliments on them.

I decided to have my party in my backyard since renting a place was going to be pricy. It turned out good since we hung up icicle lights around the patio and regular lights wrapped around the trees, which didnt cost anything since we had the lights from Christmas.

My dad bought a tent thing that made a good place to put a few tables under. That cost $90 and was 10' x 20', which turned out to be perfect. We rented the tables and chairs from Butler,so the guests could sit, talk, and eat.

For the food, we made a bag of shrimp, meatballs (those were everyones favorite) and put out chips and stuff like that in my dining room. We ordered a fruit tray which was pretty good since the whole thing was eaten by the end of the night! We also ordered a 6 ft. Subway sub for $50. It was totally worth it and it was really good too! My decorations were all pink colored, like the tablecloths, balloons, cups, napkins, plates, etc.

For entertainment, my dad surprised me with a last minute with a dj. He only charged $100 for 3 1/2 hrs. of music and a pretty good light show. The patio was used as a dance floor and it was the perfect size.

We have a trampoline too so a lot of people got on it during the party (haha we were being kids :)

So my party was a lot of fun and I cant wait for my next one.

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