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Breakfast at Tiffany's -18yr- Tiffany Box Décor




Movie Theme Party


Christina in Las Vegas,NV,USA


June 2006



For my 18th birthday my mom and dad decided to throw me a  "Breakfast at Tiffany's" party.I love Tiffany's and the movie too, it was the best party I have ever had(and I have had a lot of partys).

I had the invitations in the Tiffany blue then tie a white ribbon around it to hold it together so that it looked like the Tiffany box we even put the Tiffany logo on them, We bought the rights to logo from Tiffany's.

We bought Tiffany boxes and gift bags to accent the table.The box's were overflowed with fake Diamonds & Pearl's and the bags had white roses in them.

We also put up a big picture we had blowen up it was of me and my two best friends in front of the Tiffany store in NYC. My dad got me 8 dozen white roses & the vase was wrapped w/ a Tiffany blue ribbon so we put them all around the room.

Everything looked great one table even had a big 11" tall silver 18 on that was hot.When it came time for the party people started getting there before I was ready.

So I had go get ready My mom got me 3 little black dresses from Betsey Johnson.One wasn't even black we had to have it died black because Audrey Hepburn had a black dresse in the movie as Holly Golightly so I had to have one too or in this case three.

Anyway when I came down for the party I had all Tiffany's Jewelry on and my daddy got me a tiara(because when I was a little girl he always said I was a Princess)and I am a Princess also Holly(Audrey Hepburn)had one in the movie.When I was at the party and I saw everything it really did look like the Tiffany store.I loved it I felt like a real Princess.

My mom ordered from Olive Garden early that day so all the food was set.The tables had Swarovski crystal all over them even the glasses and napkin ring had a Swarovski crystal trim.

Then they came out with the cake there were like 150 people there so it was a big cake it looked like Tiffany boxes they were stacked on one another a really really big one on the bottom and a really small one on the top (that one was for me it was all Chocolate).On the very top was my monogram standing 3"and 5" tall done in Swarovski crystal (I did not know about the monogram or what the cake looked likw so at first I was like oh-my-god then it was more like That's hot!! ).

After the cake all my friends wanted me to open the gifts so we did it was all very nice then my mom and dad bring out a Tiffany bag(big surprise)inside I found 2 boxes the first one had platinum dogtag necklaces that had my monogram and birth date on it. That’s hot!

My dad handed me the other box it had the keys to my new car.That made my night as I'm walking to the car that is now right in front of me I triped on my Manolo's someone had spiled a box off a near by table so there were Pearl's everywere I guess no one saw or they just didn't say anything(haha) anyway we all had a good time. As most of my friend left(it was like 1a.m. by this time) everyone got a champagne glass filled with blue M&M's the bottom of the glasses were lined with Swarovski crystal everyone love it.

Only my very best of friends(a.k.a. the VIP girls ) spent the night there was about 12 girls(they also sat with me at the party some guys to but there not that important J/K).after the last person left we all changed into our pj's then we played the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's(love it).

The next day we really did have a Breakfast at Tiffany's in my kitchen.Then they all finaly went home.  Haha J/k I love those girls.But they did go home and I had one more little gift for them for putting up with me.The favors for my VIP's were tiffany blue boxes & we put cubic zirconia earrings and fake Pearl's in each.I loved it everyone had fun it's almost a year later and people still talk about it. 

Just remember the most important thing it's your party for that night you are the Princess don't let anyone forget. XOXO~Christina~ Ciao Bellas

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