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13 Going on 30 -13yr- Sprinkle Fairy Dust




Movie Theme Party


Mary in chicago, illinios, america


September 2005



For my 13 birthday party I decided to have a 13 going on 30 party.

For the invitations this is what I wrote, "Dear so n so, Are you 12 or 13, but want to be 30. Then you're invited to my birthday party. Come spend the night at my house and see how it feels to be 30 years old! Then I put when, where, what, and copied down some decorations on some regular paper.

Then for decorations I hungup pictures from magazines, I hungup collages, but nothing really fancy, that was free because I had magazines, paper and glue to make collages. I had them change into some older looking outfits, like high heels, purses a little more fancier things, I just used clothse I had around the house. Then when they walked inside, I sprinkled fairy dust over them. "Now you are adults" I declared to them. The girls thought the fairy dust was cool.

Next we went into my room, I set out makeup and hair scrunsies, hair spray, hair gel, more dressup clothse, and then I told them to dig in and start giving themselves makeovers, like in 13 going on 30. Afterwards we were all dressed up, my parents took pictures of everyone when they came, and now they took pictures of everyone when they had there makeovers. Next we had dinner, we had pina coloda's, the one's with out alcohol inside, we found some drink mixes at the store.

We placed them in tall glasses and put lemon wedges on the tall glasses, we gave everyone straws and those small little umbrella's attached to those tooth picks. We also had other drinks like smoothies and stuff, for our main course we had hamburgers, fries and those large pickels that you have on the side, since I think in 13 going on 30 Jenna and her friend were at that resturaunt and they served, burgers and things there. We thought about serving shrimp but that would have been to pricy, and to hard to work with. For snacks we just had drinks, and chips.

After dinner we went up to my room, we put on the song Love Is A Battal Field the one from the movie and started singing to it. We also had face masks since Jenna did too, and we had cheetos while we waited for it to dry.

Next we went downstairs to open presents, then we had ice cream floats. Afterwards we had  a cool dancethon, we listened to the music they played in the movie. After that we took more pictures and things of ourselves. We also created our own magazine, each girl made there own page, it was just about our selves, and fashion tips and everything. Since it was so pricy we decided not to go like to a store and have a shopping spri, but you can do something like that and have everyone pick out one thing. So we headed downstairs, it was time to change back into a child again. Mom sprinkled the dust on us and we took off all the dressup clothse and makeup.

Afterwards we stayed up to make paperdolls, like how Mat in the movie made paperdolls and that doll house for Jenna's birthday. We played that for a little while, then we snacked on snacks and watched 13 going on 30, afterwards we we made frames for our pictures. Finally we stayed up a while to talk and chat, and tell deep dark secrets. Then we went to bed.

The next morning for breakfast we had smile face pancakes, like on the movie, and then passed out goodybags. For the goodybags, I put razzles, they have them at grocery stores, mini change purses because real purses like in the movie would be to expencive. I also put in the face masks Jenna was wearing when she turned 30. Then we put a pina colada mix in each girl's bag.

Everyone liked it a lot. We had loads of fun ,it wasn't to expencive either.

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