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YaYa Sisterhood - YaYa Naming Ceremony




Movie Theme Party


Karen in State College, Pennsylvania


Sept. 2003



Often times the very best parties are those that have no "real" reason other than to celebrate the people, family and friends in our lives. That's what my party is about.

I located a site on the web that you type your given name into and it bestows a Ya-Ya Sisterhood name for you.  I've invited eleven of my closest girlfriends to my "Ya-Ya Sisterhood" party. Invitations are black and white candid photo shots of me and each of my girlfriends.

I've included a dress code and their Ya-Ya names on the back of the invitations, and instructions for each person to find a "special" hat, and then decorate it depicting their personalities, something that represents our friendship, and also some thing special that represents their Ya-Ya name. My Ya-Ya name is "Countess Shake Your Booty".

I will have to be extremely creative to come up with decorations for my Ya-Ya hat. I've listed the dress code to represent them, how they feel about themselves, and their lives. Everything from Curlers in the hair and Sweat pants, to beauty pagent dresses will be worn.

I live on a hundred acre farm, and we have an outdoor pavillion near our pond. I will have floating candles all in our pond, each Ya-Ya name on the wall for everyone to try and guess what name goes to which friend, A sitdown elegant dinner (with food ordered from our favorite Italian Resturant), with candles and flowers EVERYWHERE.

The pavillion will be decorated with beautiful paper lanterns, pretty and femine table clothes, china, and tiki torches lit down the path to our fire. There will be a fire in our fire pit, which we will sit around and have our "official" Ya-Ya naming ceremony after everyone tries to guess which Ya-Ya name goes with each guest.

As I announce each Ya-Ya sister, I will tell them why they are so special to me, and what kind of difference they have made in  my life,and what it means to me to call them my Ya-Ya.

After our naming ceremony we will then retreat back to the candle lit pavillion to enjoy a dessert, Irish coffee, conversations and laughter. 

Thank you gifts to each person will consist of a "Take Care of Me" gift basket.

Filled with bubble bath,lotions, body spritz, candles,and everything my girlfriends need to take care of themselves as well as we all take care of everyone else, and each other.

I'll let you know soon how it works out.

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