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Daniel in Livingston, no state, united kingdom


January 2011



Hi everyone. By reading all the ideas already on this website I made up my own plan up. My part hasn't been yet but I thought I would just type it up anyway. My idea is a Harry potter party as my 13th.

For the invitations we made hogworts acceptance letters and got my mum to hand sign them we said just what the letter said in the movie and we sent them through the post to everyone.

We had the house decorated brilliantly. The great hall had a scene setter and I am a Harry potter nut so I had Replica wands I placed the wands on red cushions and had them on display. Also in the great hall (dining room) was a display for each teacher we had al teachers pictures on the wall with their names and subjects. The hall had wanted posters and banners printed in A3.

We also made customised wanted posters for everyone who came to the party. The livngroom was charms we haven't decided how to decorate it yet but it will have to be good. The family room was the room of requirement  and was decorated with a small black board on the wall and a mannequin with black cloak on. The garage was potions and we kept it as it was but added a couple Paste tables with cauldrons. We also have shelves so they had varios ingredients in. The garden was kept as it was   But we put some labels on plants.

When everyone arrived they got sorted into their house, given their wand, cloak and introduced to the evening. They were sorted to their houses by me asking tthem before (at school) questions and then entering the answers on the net. After that they had to find their spell books and potions books hidden in the hall. After that we had our first 2 classes charms and potions in charms we set up the room to do things when certain spells were cast.

For potions they had to decode they,re spell books find the right ingredient and put it into the cauldron this was in teams of their houses (2in each) the end result was two potions ice cream and coke, which froffed up and vinegar and baking soda, everyones favourite. After charms and potions we had the great feast. My mum stated all the food up high and even put mini chef hats on the chicken drumsticks. We had cakes, sausages, pizza, chicken and we even made butter beer( we made it by making cream soda flat and adding butterscotch to it) after the great feast I got my mum to dress up as umbrage and come to the school. She then took part in a game where everyone had to sneak past her and got to the room of requirement.

Once everyone was in their I explained what we had to do. I set up the x box kinect and we played the Harry potter freeplay it was in our houses and the house with the highest score at the end of the game was the winner. After that we went in for our O.W.L.s exams which was basically a quiz on Harry potter the team to get the most right won. After that umbrage left and mcgonnagal came back. The next part was based on the 6th book ending where Harry went to the cave with dumbledore (my dad ) you had to mainly follow a treasure hunt to  find the locket.

The next part was the triwizard tournament. We had 3 tasks
1. A treasure hunt.
2. A friend find.
3. A duel.

The treasure hunt doesn't need explaining but number 2 does. What we did is got the everyone split into 2 teams ( G & H vs. R & S) we took one team member from each team and handcuffed them to the fence outside the teams must work together to find the key to unlock a safe to get a combination to unlock a padlock holding the key to the handcuffs. Whilst one team was doing it the other team cast spells ( threw balls) at them. It was the fastest team at the end.

The 3 rd task requires imagination diffeerents spells cast makes different actions like augment set if a sprinkler in front of the opponent etc etc. After that was the big part the battle of hogworts based on the last book. All the lights go out and snape and mcgonnagal disappear and my mum and dad return as death eaters everyone must battle them but they wont go down easy then they must follow the clues to find the secret port key they planted in the castle so no more enemies can get into the castle. After all that there is a few other.

Games like snitch hunt where you have to find nine snitches and Harry P who am I? For the costumes we made our own capes, ties and sowed on the crest to them.

We also made a wand as my grandad is great with woodwork so he handcrafted 10 different wands ( 8 for the guests and 2 for my mum and dad). It was altogether the best party ever and feel free to try it yourself. Oh sorry I almost forget the best part!

In one spell book there was a key and a note. The note said to use the key to open a book safe disguised as a history if magic. Once they completed that they would find another note saying to do a activity like turn a poster upside down and get another note. They weren't allowed to let anyone see them doing it so when people saw it is was a surprise to them. They got a little surprise at the end when they were told to stick up a sign saying He is coming. That triggered end part when the death eaters came.

For favours we let them all keep the wand cloak tie and we made a little box of bertie botts and chocolate frog to take home. It was my best party yet. (. Even if it hasn't happened yet) =-Daniel.

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