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Eclipse Fire & Ice -17yr- Candy Buffet




Movie Theme Party


Sandie in Lake Wales, FL   USA


December 2010


Special Mention

For my daughter Julie's 17th birthday I did an Eclipse: Fire and Ice party. There isn't a whole lot on the web out there, but I gathered enough ideas from various sources to put on an extremely nice party.

INVITATIONS: I bought plastic badge protectors and black lanyards on Ebay and on my computer, designed All Access Passes, complete with bar codes. The front had a picture of the eclipsed moon with Edward and Jacob, and the info for the party: who (in big letters), where, when, time. On the back top half, it has a black background with a picture of all four book covers and the words written in white, except the words from the movie titles, which are in red: Sometimes loves finds us when our hope is fading and the twilight is setting in. It leads us safely through the darkest nights..the nights when the new moon fills the cloudy sky.  As it blossoms and grows,its sparkling light is enough to eclipse the brightness of the breaking dawn. On the bottom half it says: Please show your support for your favorite Twilight man: wear red/black for Jacob(fire) or white/black for Edward(ice).

DECORATIONS: I used red, black, and white for the color scheme. I had black table cloths on several tables for a drink station, food station, and candy buffet station. On the tables I sprinkled diamond shaped jewels found at the Dollar Tree, fake red carnations (Dollar tree), red ribbons, and votive candle holders with the flameless candles (both from the Dollar Tree). I had red, black, and white balloons scattered around the house in bunches as well (Dollar Tree). I found a place online ( that had printable labels that said I'm thirsty" "Type A negative" "Type O negative" and "Type B positive". I also printed pictures of the cast and framed them in black 5 x 7 frames (Dollar Tree). I found free down-loadable sayings from the movie that I also framed and put around the party rooms. I hung white Christmas lights and had lots of red and white votive candles around for effect.

At a table by the front door I made an 8 x 10 sign in a black frame that said "For your safety please cover all paper cuts and open sores with a band-aid" and had a band-aid pasted on the top left corner of the sign and a small bowl with some loose band-aids. My oldest daughter photo-shopped pictures of the birthday girl onto photos of Edward and Jacob (where Bella's face was) and hung around the room with our other family photos. I copied some pictures of movie stills found at various sites on the web and pasted them to black poster board cut down to 5 x 7 and hung with clothes pins on twine to look like we had just developed them. I also made a birthday banner in the Zephyr font used in the movies.

ACTIVITIES and GAMES: these were 14-18 year olds so they weren't really into games like younger kids are. To keep all 15 of them busy we did a scavenger hunt (pre-arranged the day before) and we split into 3 teams of 5 and a driver. Each team was looking for an apple white Pawn chess piece Milkbone dog biscuits box of band aids plastic forks plastic vampire teeth red silk carnations Matchbox cars (like the Cullens drive) and big plastic 'ring bling' for Bella found in the princess party section of Walmart for $1 for 4 rings. I hid each of these individual items in large manila envelopes all around town with a clue in each one that lead to the next clue. I hid them in places like my laundry room the Walmart jewelry counter (the clerk was amazing acting like he didn't know what was going on) Blockbuster (again clerk was amazing) pizza place park downtown son's back yard all over town really.

This took about 1-2 hours to complete. The first team back home with all items won a golden onion for each member(real onion spray painted gold)! After that they ate and watched the movie Eclipse (Bought for the birthday girl). I bought paper cups and dessert plates with Edward and Jacob on them plain black plates for food red forks and spoons black table aloths and napkins that said "Eclipse". I wrapped the napkins up and placed vampire teeth around them like napkin rings.

COSTUMES: the only requirement for the party was come dressed to represent your man-red/black for Jacob or white/black for Edward and everyone complied.

PARTY FOOD AND SNACKS: this was hard. Other than pizza and Little Smokies in crescent rolls I tried to stick with the Fire (red) and Ice (white) theme. For drinks we had red Hawaiian Punch and Grape Juice-I couldn't find anything white to drink other than water-my daughter said no to lemonade. I put some of the labels on them that I printed above.

For the candy bar I set up two tables (Red and White) and bought all sorts of jars from the Dollar Tree -tall ones short ones Margarita glasses wine glasses glass bowls etc. For Team Jacob I bought Swedish Fish Atomic fire balls red hots red Hershey's Kisses Oreos with red centers red Twizzlers licorice red m&m's Big Red gum and Twix in red packages in time for Christmas. I also bought a red dog bowl (Dollar Tree) and put Chex dog chow mix inside for effect.  For Team Edward I bought silver Hershey's kisses white m&m's mini white powdered donuts Oreos with white centers Twix in white packages rock candy white chocolate covered pretzels and white icing Oreos. 

The girls had never seen a candy buffet before and went wild! My daughter isn't that crazy about birthday cake and didn't want cupcakes either. What she wanted was the Little Debbie white cakes so I bought 5 packages and laid them out on two large catering platters. On half of them I used red gel icing and drizzled it on top and the other half I drizzled black gel icing.

FAVORS: favors were easy and simple: small Johnson & Johnson first aid kits (in Bella's honor) found in the travel/trial size section of Walmart for $1.00 each black Wet 'n Wild nailpolish (.49 @ Walgreens on sale) and dark red Wet 'n Wild lipstick (.49 @ Walgreens on sale) handmade bracelets that said either Team Edward or Team Jacob and of course their invitation that also doubled as a party favor. These were put into small black lunch sack sized bags (Walmart) with red and white tissue paper hole punched tied with white ribbon and I found stickers at Party City to put on the front of the bags. The party was from 5:30 to 10pm and was just enough time to complete the treasure hunt eat sing happy birthday open presents and watch movie. Hope these ideas inspire someone else. "

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