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Movie Theme Party


Stephanie in Salem, Oregon USA


April 2010


Special Mention

For my daughters 13th Birthday Party we decided on a 13 Going On 30 theme, based primarily on the 2004 movie staring Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo.  My first plan of action was to watch the movie about 3 times while taking notes so I could draw my inspiration from that!  Then we sat down and made the guest list (After checking with dad, grandpa, and uncle Lee  To insure no hurt feelings would manifest) We decided on an all girls of all ages party NO boys allowed! 

Invitation Front You are invited to Stacie's 13 Going On 30 Birthday Party!!!  ~ No boys allowed ~  This is a GIRLS ONLY celebration!!!  Saturday April 10th, 2010   The Bennett Home --------------------- ,  Mocktail Hour & Birthday Party:  2:00pm ~ 3:00pm Enjoy some fun girlie time with Stacie, Music, Mocktails, Appetizers, Cupcakes, and a Candy Buffet.  The fun continues 3:15pm ~ 5:15pm It would be  like totally awesome If you could stay for the 13 Going On 30-movie screening.  Invitation Back It's a party so let's have FUN¦   Remember there will be no boys to impress, so we can be as silly as we want.  This celebration is for all girls of all ages!  Wish you could be 30? Now you can. 30 might seem, like, old but it's great if you are only PRETENDING!

DRESS in something a 30 year-old would wear. A cute mocktail dress, heels, and don't forget the hair and make-up! Just because you're 13 doesn't mean you can't party like you're 30  (Without the bills and wrinkles of course!)  Wish you could be 13 again? Whether it's your screaming boss, crying baby, past due bills, boring social life, or crow's feet, being 30 ain't all it's cracked up to be. So, be 13 again!

DRESS in something a 13 year-old would wear. If you're confused, buy a teen magazine and don't forget the hair.  What's gnarly, rad, and tubular? The 80's (as if) You may not remember the 80's  (It's very possible you weren't even born yet),  or you may have slept through it, but everyone LOVES the 80's DRESS in something from the 80's. Dig in the back of your closet for like those parachute pants. They're like still there. Don't forget like the blue eye shadow, and like totally the BIG 80's hair.  Please feel free to bring a change of comfy clothes (even jammies) for the movie screening. We want you to have fun, relax, and be comfortable. 

Please let us know if you can attend so we don't start without you ------ --------  -------- or ------- ------- -------- (Stephanie Bennett)  Also included in the invites About the Movie we are watching: 13 Going On 30 Rated: PG-13 A hilarious flash-forward romance about a pre-teen girl who goes from geek to glamorous. With the help of some magic wishing dust, 13 year-old Jenna Rink (Jennifer Garner) becomes 30 and gorgeous overnight, with everything she ever wanted, except for her best friend Matt (Mark Ruffalo). Now, this grown woman must create some magic of her own to help the little girl inside find the true love she left behind.  Of course all of our drinks will be alcohol-free!!! (mocktails)  

 Photo Shoot -  Stacie went on a photo shoot so we could include pictures in her invitations. She wore a very cute flirty cocktail dress for some and then very casual jeans and tee shirt for others. We used props like big suckers and fun party stuff to capture the 13 and 30 side of things.  Decorations Then came the decorations My vision was to have all three themes represented 13, 30, and 80's (like totally)  I used my cutest high heels (I even borrowed a couple of pairs), Along with some converse tennis shoes and flip flops And placed them around the room.  I bought little gift bags that looked like handbags and Filled them with different colored tissue paper to Place by the shoes (kind of a boutique look). 

I purchased some 80's posters from our local party store And made my own posters with several different Memorable quotes from the movie.  We rented a helium tank and filled 180 balloons Some were placed in bouquets and the rest we Let float to the ceiling  In the movie they mentioned three board games (Monopoly, Battleship, and Parcheesi) We placed all three of these games on the entertainment center I also used different inspirations from the movie such as Pop rocks, razzles, and plain & peanut M&M's.  Over our coat closet I created a sign that read Seven Minutes in Heaven (which was another part of the movie) And added a silver curtain and stars around it.  Serving double duty as decorations and party favors we had Huge pencils, lip gloss, furry bracelets, Nail files, pinwheels, and sleeping masks. (Yes, 13-year-old items and 30-year-old items)  And of course there was confetti sprinkled everywhere!!!    Cover Girl In the movie fashion and magazines are a huge deal So my daughter and I created 13 (her idea) different magazine Covers with her as the cover girl (of course). We even included the two magazines from the movie Poise and Sparkle and instead of Seventeen we created ThirTeen.  We created these covers using the Picnik website And had them printed and laminated to help Decorate the house.  We used different pretend story lines on each cover And included her sisters and cousins on many of The magazines with catchy, fun, silly, headlines.  The guests loved reading all of the headlines and Looking at the photos.  Now Stacie has them displayed in her bedroom. (it's not everyday you're on the cover of a magazine)  

Appetizers For the appetizers I wanted to be fun, Creative, but most of all easy! I did not want to have to cook anything Or try to keep anything warm. I also wanted everything to be finger foods.  We split the island in the kitchen down the middle With cupcakes separating the two sides.  The 13 side PB&J Sandwiches Cheetos Popcorn Balls Fruit Roll-ups Cheese Sticks  The 30 side Shrimp California Rolls Pretzels Turkey Roll Ups Grapes Apple Slices  Everyone enjoyed the food and with a bunch of 13 year olds We didn't have much left over. MockTails I wanted the girls to feel all grown-up So we created an open bar for the party.  All of our drinks were alcohol free but The experience was a blast. Watching the girls with their mocktails Was priceless.  Before the party we dipped the rim of each Plastic mocktail glass in karo syrup and colored sugar Then we pre-sliced fruit gummies so our wonderful Bartender could decorate each glass with them.

 The bar was busy with a line most of the party. The girls were given a choice of  drinks blended or on the rocks.  Margarita Strawberry Margarita Mango Passion Pina Colada Beer (that is RootBeer) White Wine (White grape juice cocktail) Red Wine (Red grape juice cocktail) Champagne (sparkling cider) And oh yes Jell-O Shots, in a variety of flavors.  I have to say it was so cute when my 3 year old Cousin asked her mom if she could have another Jell-O shooter.  The mocktail Bar was a huge success!    Wishing Dust / Favors Since the wishing dust in the movie was Such an important part I wanted to send Each girl home with her own wishing dust.  I purchased clear cellophane bags, place cards, And iridescent confetti. I printed the words wishing dust On one side of the place card and the Wishing dust saying on the other This wishing dust Knows what's in your Heart of hearts, And it will make all your Dreams come true  I cut the bags to size, filled them with the confetti, And stapled on the printed place cards.  Wishing Dust for everyone!    

CANDY BUFFET / Favors I lieu of making pre-made goodie bags for each of The girls to take home we created a Candy Buffet So they could choose the candies of their liking. (To me this also fit the theme so well)  Because the dollhouse is such a huge part of the Movie storyline we used my girls Barbie dream house As the backdrop to our buffet  We even included Stacie's photo in the tub with Cotton balls as suds as they did in the movie  I made dum dum topiaries for each side of the house By inserting dum dum suckers in Styrofoam balls and Then attaching them to painted dowels inserted in Quick setting cement in the flowerpots.  I also purchased several glass containers and tied Ribbon around the glassware sealed with a sticker. I purchased ice cream scoops for the girls to use On the unwrapped candy made specialty treat bags With a thank you note from Stacie.  I purchased a few bags of candy from Costco but I was lucky because this particular party took place The weekend after Easter so I was able to find some Great deals on candy the week before.  Razzles were the primary candy used in the movie So we found packets of those and not only used them On the candy buffet but to add extra decoration to the house.  At the beginning of the party I asked the girls to please Wait until right before they left to fill their treat bags. This gave them time to scope out exactly what they wanted To put in their bags and gave them something to look Forward to after the movie.

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