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Twilight Party -14yr- Twilight Jepardy




Movie Theme Party


Dawn in Zion, IL, USA


January 2010


Special Mention

THEME-Fire and Ice.  The party celebrates the release of the new film Eclipse."  Although the party encompasses all three books the theme is taken from the 3rd book and 3rd film.

INVITATIONS-In "Eclipse Bella eats Poptarts.  I will buy Strawberry and Blueberry Splitz Poptarts (one side of the Poptart is strawberry and the other side is blueberry). The strawberry represents fire and the blueberry represents ice.  I will create invitations on my computer and wrap the label around the individually wrapped Poptarts.  On the invitations, I will include the theme and ask Which one are you."  (Fire-Team Jacob and Ice-Team Edward).  I will also include that there will be a costume contest and to dress as their favorite character. I will rent a room but you can have it anywhere.

DECORATIONS-In "Eclipse there is a graduation party that resembles a nightclub.  I will recreate a nightclub.  I will use very little light. I will buy a couple of red or black inflatable couches, chairs and bean bags. I will use small tables, and cover them with black tablecloths and put them next to the seating.  I will buy glow in the dark stars and stick them around the walls. I will buy a strobe light and black lights from Spencer Gifts. You can get black lights in a light bulb form and put them in a desk lamp.  I will do this and put the lamps on the small tables. As the kids enter, I will give them a light up necklace. YOu can buy these at Dollar Tree, Walmart or Oriental Trading. In Eclipse Alice puts Xmas lights on the trees leading to her house. I will put Xmas lights outside the rental facility leading to the party room.

PARTY SNACKS-I will put Flaming Hot Cheetos in a martini glass on one side of the one tables with the lamp (Fire), and a martini glass of frozen strawberries on the other side (Ice).  I will do the same thing with hot popcorn and frozen raspberries and one bowl of Spicy Nacho Doritos and one bowl of Cool Ranch Doritos.  On two tables I will make a Fire and Ice Bar.  Both tables will have black table cloths with a red runner. On the fire side I will have red corn tortilla chips and spicy salsa, buffalo wings, and jalapeno poppers. I will have mild salsa and mild wings for kids who don't like spicy food.  In between each dish I will frame quotes by Jacob and surround it with candles of different heights. On the ice side, I will have ice cream sundae bar.  The toppings will all be red and brown/black.  For this table decor, I will freeze a flower in three round vases and put framed Edward quotes by them.

All the bowls will be red and black and I will use Twilight/Eclipse place settings. I will have a drink bar with The Bloodsucker (Edward), a red punch.  I will put this drink in test tubes that can be purchased at the Frozen Hot Chocolate. (Jacob because werewolves drink milk). You can buy the mixture at Just search serendipity frozen hot chocolate.  This is a blended drink and someone will have to stay at the bar and blend it.  If you don't have enough help, you can make an iced hot mocha drink. The Swan Dive" (Bella)- a clear punch served in a crystal punch bowl. In between the drinks will be red and black balloon bouquets anchored with a chess piece.  In "Eclipse there was a bonfire. I will buy a fake campfire from If you don't want to spend a lot of money, you could make logs with paperbags, use red helium filled balloons as the fire, and put small lights under the balloons to make it seem lit.  I will put blankets, pillows, and lawn chairs around the fire for the kids to sit and eat.

ACTIVITIES- I will pre-make Team Edward and Team Jacob buttons. I have access to a button maker but if you don't, you can get a button making craft from Oriental Trading. I bought glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth from Oriental Trading and will give the kids teeth when they enter. As the kids enter, I will give them the button of their choice. I will buy life-size cardboard cut outs of Jacob and Edward. You can buy them at FYE, Spencer Gifts, or bookstores.  I will also pre-make picture frames that fold. You can make them with microsoft software or buy the kit from office max. During the party, the kids can take pictures with the character of their choice and put it in their frame. (If boys are coming, you can buy a cut out of Bella too or buy one cut out of all three characters to save money.) I will purchase the Twilight and New Moon movie soundtracks and play them for the kids to dance.

GAMES- I will pre-make stickers with names of the main characters. As the kids enter, I will put a sticker on their back.  They have to go around the party asking yes or no questions about the character on their back. The goal is to guess what character they are. When the party starts, while the kids are playing the guess my character game and eating, I will play the Twilight Scene it game. I will have it on the party setting and the kids can sit and play while they mingle and eat.  I will make up a trivia game that will be in the style of Jeopardy.  First the kids will divide into two teams, team Jacob or team Edward, based on their button. I will have categories such as: Who said it. I will say a quote and they have to name the character who says it. Vampires vs. Werewolves, I'll describe a characteristic and they have to guess if it is a vampire or werewolf. Talents, I will name a talent and they have to guess which vampire has that talent. All About Bella, qustions about Bella, and Fire and Ice, I will give one fact and they have to guess if it is Jacob or Edward. Finally, I will have a costume contest.  Winner will get a movie gift card to see Eclipse" at the theatre.

FAVORS-Each party-goer will get a black gift bag with red tissue paper. Each bag will have Werewolf treats. (it is just doggie chow. You can google the recipe and you can remove peanut butter if you are worried about allergies). Twizzlers the kids ate Twizzlers in the Twilight movie and gummy vampire teeth from I will put a Twilight sticker on the bottom of 5 random favor bags and the winners will get prizes such as posters charm bracelets or t-shorts.  All Twilight/Eclipse products can be purchased at bookstores FYE Hot Topic Spencer Gifts and online."

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