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Twilight Party -14yr- Black and Red Décor




Movie Theme Party


Brandi in York, SC USA


March 2011


Honorable Mention

Our daughter loves the whole Twilight Saga (books & movies), so for her 14th birthday we decided to use the Twilight (Eclipse theme in this case) Theme for her party.  It turned out great and everyone had a wonderful time! 

INVITATIONS: For invitations I found a checkerboard themed background and used each of the images from the books in the corners (apple, ribbon, flower, checkerboard) and added a picture of my daughter.  The invitation read Join us at Twilight for B's 14th Birthday" I had them printed on 4x6 photo paper. 

DECORATIONS: For decorations we used mostly black and red.  I found the Twilight Eclipse theme plates & napkins at Target which amazingly was on clearance.  You can also find them online.  We went with the Eclipse theme since it had a splash of red in it.  I used black table cloths black utensils red cups and red & black balloons.  We had a food table & a sweets table set up.  

On the food table we had all of the 2 liter drinks which we had removed the original labels and re-wrapped them with bottle labels that had "blood" splatters & read Type B positive. We used a lot of red & dark drinks to add to the "vampire" theme (Cherry Lemon Sun Drop Cherry 7up Coke etc) I just altered the sizes on my computer to print bigger ones to go on the 2 liters.  

We only used the Type B because our daughters name begins with the letter B. I also found 2 glitter red heart photo frames with the word LOVE on the bottom in black glitter right after Valentines day for real cheap.  I printed up a Team Edward & Team Jacob "photos" to put in these frames and had them on the food table.  

For the sweets table I had a big red vase with marshmallow pops (see snacks) in it.  I also did several clear vases with red basket grass in them & red Christmas ball ornaments on top just to add to the color theme.  It really looked great!!! Since the table cloths were black I took fake red rose petals and placed them all over the table. We also had colored candies (black & red see snacks) to go in clear vases to match the theme on the sweets table. 

ACTIVITIES/GAMES: Since the girls are older there was not a whole lot of "games" we did.  For music we had all the Twilight Soundtracks playing outside & inside we had the Twilight Eclipse movie going. We also had the girls play pin the fangs/wolf paw on the lips (inspired by pin the tail on the donkey).  

I bought an Eclipse poster at Walmart that had Edward Jacob & Bella on it.  I had printed & cut out vampire fangs & wolf paws & depending on which "team" you were a part of you had to be sure to get it as close to the correct persons lips.  (Fangs - Edward Wolf Paw - Jacob). Each of the girls were blindfolded & thought this was just hilarious.  We also had a bonfire going outside just to add a woodsy type theme to it. 

PARTY SNACKS: We cooked a normal party meal hamburgers hot dogs macaroni & cheese chips & dip ect.  However each item was in a black bowl to go with the color theme. On the sweets table I made chocolate covered marshmallow pops with red chocolate & black sprinkles.  We covered these in clear plastic with black ribbon & they were an edible party decoration in the red vase.  

I also made red chocolate covered pretzels white chocolate covered pretzel sticks with red & black sprinkles dark chocolate Hershey candies all in clear vases or deep goblets.

CAKE: For the cake I had a good friend make it.  It was a 2 tier checkerboard cake with the red ribbon going all the way around.  We had an apple on the top & chess pieces to go along with the cover of the Twilight books.  One layer was chocolate & the other was vanilla made all with the fondant icing. 

FAVORS: We did not do many favors since these girls are older but they did get Twilight themed bookmarks and glow bracelets/necklaces.  Since it was part outside at night the glow things were a nice touch.  All together everyone was very happy with how the party turned out!"

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