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Movie Theme Party


Kyra in Pennington, New Jersey, United States


February 2008


Honorable Mention

A movie themed party is entertaining for all ages, whether you are a younger child, pre-teen, or teen, like me. It's always fun to watch movies and eat popcorn with your friends, munching on snacks an laughing your head off at the funny parts! I happen to have a home theater in my basement, which is the perfect location for parties, but you can also have one at the movie theater in a mall.

First, you need to send out the invitations. I found some really cute ones that were in the shape of a movie ticket, and I also saw ones that were shaped like a bucket of popcorn. Basically, any card that relates to the movie theater theme is great. When you're writing out the invitations, tell your friends to bring their favorite DVD's and movies, because you want a variety to choose from. Also, if you are going to be staying up late, or if your party is a sleepover, tell your friends to bring their pajamas, too!

In the invitations, you can also include one of those red raffle tickets that you can buy in big rolls (like at Staples) and tell your guests to bring it to the party so that you can have a door raffle. (There are various items that you can raffle off, like a package of microwave popcorn.)

Popular decoration colors for a movie party are red, (movie theater seats are usually red), and gold and black are also really cute together, too. If you are having the party at your house, you can spread balloons all over the floor, or you can hang up streamers. At my party, I had a clapboard that you could write on, so I wrote Kyra's 13th Birthday Party" on it with chalk.

You can also hang up those big movie posters of course! Collect the movies that your friends brought and have a vote on the movies to watch. This is sometimes hard though because some of your friends may have seen the movies or they might not like scary movies. Make sure that the movies are age appropriate too!!!

You can also order movied from On Demand if you have Comcast if not don't worry about it! If your party is girls only watch a couple of chick flicks! Like Mean Girls Clueless etc. One of my favorite comedy movies is Dodgeball! You can also watch some scary movies my favorites are When a Stranger Calls (a classic!) and Disturbia which is a new movie.

A game that you can play after the movie is to give out awards like who would probably cry during the movie or who laughs the loudest at the funny parts or who laughs during the sad parts! Everyone has to vote for the person who they think should winand winners have to give a speech that's always funny! Another game is to raid the fridge and create weird but delicious snacks to eat during the movie. My favorite is Junior Mints mixed with popcorn other favorites are Cheez-Its and pickles and French fries dipped in chocolate shakes! Allow your friends to create their own recipes.

There aren't any specific costumes you can wear for this type of party but if you are watching a certain movie you can dress up as one of the characters and tell your friends to too. My favorite party snacks are popcorn of course (this is a lot of fun if you have a popcorn machine although microwave popcorn is yummy too! Cheese balls potato chips Doritos or nachos tortilla chips with salsa and different bowls of candy or chocolate are some of the snacks you can have.

My cake was a clapboard cake and it said the date of the party and my name in the "director:" section. For my party favors I gave out gift cards to the movies packs of microwave popcorn different types of candy and other small treats. I put all the favors in these adorable paper bags that had red and white stripes and said "POPCORN" on the front. I hope that anyone who reads this got a lot of good ideas and has a wonderful party! Good luck!!! "

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