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Movie Theme Party


Kristen in St. Louis, Missouri, USA


August 2007



For my 13th birthday party, the theme was MOVIES. This birthday party can be very expensive depending on how many girls you invite. To keep it within a moderate budget, 5 or 6 girls will work best.

INVITATIONS I purchased invitations from a local party store that looked liked movie tickets. On the front they said Admit One, and below it I wrote the name of the movie we were seeing. Then on the back I wrote all of the necessary information, like bring a sleeping bag, etc. These can also be made on Microsoft if you are good with computers.

DECORATIONS At my house, I kept the colors to Gold, Red, and Black - the colors most people associate wiht movies. I had black plates, Red napkins, and shiny gold spoons and forks. We had a huge tablecloth that was purchased from a party store that had many different movie things on it, like a clapboard, reel, oscars, etc. There were balloons and streamers strung everywhere in our colors. In my basement, we had a big section for at-home DVDs strung off with big red curtains.

PARTY When the guests arrived, we had them put in random groups and perform a skit for an ice breaker.Then pizza came and we all stuffed ourselves. Then we got into out cars and went to a local theatre. We bought all the girls tickets and a soda. No one was very hungry after pizza, which was good because we would have spent more on the food there. We saw Hairspray, then went upstairs to play in the arcade.

Each girl got 5 dollars to spend on games. We ended up having a DDR competition. Then when we came back home it was about 9:00. We played Kick the Can outside for an hour. This didn't really have much to do with the theme, but all the girls wanted to do it and we didn't want them to be bored with a different planned activity.

Then we came back in, and my mom put in a DVD of us performing the skits. I didn't even know she recorded them!!

After we had a quiz. All of my favorite movies were listed on one side, and the actors on the other. The person who matched the most correctly won a prize. Then we made up our own movies." They was pretty bad and only 10 minutes long but it was soo much fun and created so many laughs. I would suggest this for any party not just a movie themed one.

Now it was about 12:00 so we settled down and started watching movies in our curtained-off section. I went upstairs and made home-made popcorn and let the girls pick out one box of candy and a soda bottle.We stayed up until about 4:00 eating and watching movies. Those who weren't asleep snuck out and Tped our neighbors!

Then in the morning my mom set up a huge buffet of food and we made our own smoothies. In the buffet we had chocolate chip pancakes and plain waffles strawberries blueberries syrup whipped cream powdered sugar cereal and milk. That was probably the most unhealthy breakfast I had ever eaten but it was AWESOME. Then we just hung out outside and played capture the flag until the parents picked them up.

PRIZES/FAVORS For my prizes I just did lipgloss since all the girls like it. For favors I gave out a movie gift card and a king-sized chocolate bar. They were a huge hit! I hope this helped you plan your next party. ~ Kristen "

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