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Annie in Guernsey


August 2008


Special Mention

I'm Annie and I'm turning 13 this October and I love Harry Potter. I want a special birthday and have planned this one myself. I got lots of ideas from this site.

INVITATIONS:  Dear Miss. We are glad to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We are glad that we are able to accept 2nd years this year. In honour of (Insert name) (insert age)  Birthday (which is on the day of this tournament) we are hosting the Triwizard Tournament. Although 2nd years are not normally allowed to compete in the Triwizard tournament, an exception has been made this year.    Please arrive at (insert time here) on the (insert date here)at: (put your date here) *The house will have balloons and a sign on the front. Map included*      

Please arrive in wizard clothing and please bring a broom. We do hope you will be able to join us at the aforementioned time for the Tournament, since we expect great fun will be had by all in attendance.  If you are unable to reply in the normal manner by owl, please reply to (insert name) via the Muggle telephony system at (insert number here) or (insert mobile number). Please reply by 2nd of October. We are looking forward to your arrival at Hogwarts.  Sincerely,  Minerva McGonagall  Deputy Headmistress Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. P.s. Remember: Wizard attire, don't be afraid to come dressed as Harry, Hermione or Ron or anyone else from the Wizarding world. But be inventive. P.P.S Find enclosed, your School emblem, which you will need to bring for participation in the Triwizard Tournament.   I will put in one of the three school emblems -Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, Durmstrang- 

DECORATION: Pics of HP films/ books. Sorting hat, brooms, Bottles of liquid, Golden Snitch (wooden ball painted yellow with white wings stuck on) Tri-Wizard tourney.  

GAMES:  Ollivander's wand shop: Dad and I will sand down some dowelling rods and the girls get to stain them, make marks on them and do whatever they wish with them. Prize awarded to nicest wand. Duelling: Using our new wands, we have to be in our school teams and keep a balloon up the longest using nothing but the wands. The team that keeps the balloon up longest receive a prize. QUIDDITCH Each girl needs to bring a broom with them and we split into school teams. Each team has to make 10 passes with the balloon quaffle without letting it drop or be intercepted by the other teams, a point is added for every ten passes. First to ten win. It has to be handled with the brooms. After 10 points are scored, everyone lines up in team lines. The snitch is a pinata and each seeker gets 3 bashes before passing onto next person. Each girl in the team wears a piece of material around their waist in the colour of their house or a T-Shirt. 

THE TRIWIZARD TOURNAMENT: This is the main event of the party. 

THE FIRST TASK: I will blow some chicken eggs and then paint them. Mum will hide them in team formations in the garden. We then have 5 minutes to look for them. 1st team wins. A clue is also left in the egg patch. Everyone keeps the egg they have as a prize.

THE SECOND TASK: Give kids a sheet which will say: Mermaids. They live in water and cannot talk out of it. Partially dolphin and partially human.  Hippogriffs. Hippogriffs are proud creatures, who have the body of a horse and the wings and talons of a bird. They like to fly.  Red Caps: The Red Cap is a small dwarf-like creature that lives in holes underground. They are found on the sites of old battlefields, or wherever blood has been spilt. The Red Cap is extremely dangerous to lone Muggles, and will attempt to bludgeon them at any opportunity.  A picture of an actor from the School of their team is hidden in the garden, they must find it within 10 mins.

Team to find it first wins. The clue in the eggs leads the teams to the pic. Prize- Aladin's cave goody x 3 (water themed) The clues for each team are:  Hogwarts: They have the Hippogriff clue: (Hidden in bushes somewhere by mum): Come seek us where our voices sound, we do not tend to be upon the ground ground, 10 minutes long you'll have to look, to recover what we took. 

Beauxbatons: They have the mermaid clue: Beauxbatons (To be hidden behind a Jacuzzi or body of water): Come seek us where our voices sound, we cannot sing above the ground, 10 minutes long you'll have to look, to recover what we took. 

Durmstrang: They have the Red Cap clue: (Laminated picture, hidden slightly buried in some soil. Bit of red food colouring put over soil.): Come seek us where our voices sound, we live deep down inside the ground, 10 minutes long you'll have to look, to recover what we took. The first team to find the picture win and will receive a water-themed prize. 

THIRD TASK: Mum will hide the Triwizard cup and the team that finds it first are the overall winners. Everyone wins a prize. They have to find: 1 hippogriff feather and  founder's object. Clues. Prize- Anything x 3  Hogwarts: (GRYFFINDOR'S SWORD)  1.To be written by mum 2. 

WHEREVER MUM HIDES THE EGGS.  From Godric's Hollow, nigh I came. The muggle-born's hero got me my name. Of the famed Hogwarts four, for I am none but Gryffindor. My sword is precious with rubies as eggs, you've slain the dragon now look again. Under the sword will be a piece of paper with the location of the cup on. 

Beauxbatons: (RAVENCLAW'S DIADEM) 
1. Snitch Seek me high and seek me low, once you've caught me, you'll know where to go. 
2. Jacuzzi. Fair and beautiful, I came from Glen. Wit beyond measure is the treasure of men. Of the famed Hogwarts four, I am none but Ravenclaw. My diadem brings knowledge and I give that to you. It's hidden near water and that is my clue. Under diadem, same as sword. 

1.(IN TREES) In the air or on the ground, stealthily creeping, never a sound. I like to eat foliage, and trees are a delight, my clue has been given and now I take flight. 
2.(UNDER SIGN ON GROUND INFRONT OF DAD'S WORKSHOP, SAYING CHAMBER OF SECRETS WITH SLYTHERIN'S S ON.) Power hungry Slytherin who came from fen, didn't like the muggle men. He hated and despised those who were not wise in the ways of the wizards then. A snake lover he, built the chamber, within he housed the Basilisk. A serpentine was Slytherin's crest, emblazoned on many things. A locket had he, with crest on she, which ends the clue for this test. Under locket, same as sword. 

CAKE: After the triwizard tournament, we go inside and cut the cake which will be shaped like a snitch, but not spherical. Kids eat one piece and get a piece in Treat Bag 

After the cake, we go into the living room and watch a Harry potter movie, we hand out brown paper bags with sweets and stuff in for munching on during the film. The sweets will be: One bag of bertie botts every flavour beans.(Jelly Bellies or chocolate raisins for Vegetarians),  One bag of five Chocolate Frogs with Wizard card.(Cadbury's Freddo chocolate frogs),  One dragon egg. (Crème Egg)   One bag of acid pops. ( pack of sour sweets),  One bag of 3 warlok wands. (Red Liquorice sticks or a chocolate stick if vegetarians),  One creature cookie (Cookie)  One small bag of Cockroach Clusters (Popcorn) One bag of 3 balls/packs of drooble's best gum (Gumballs/packs) 

TREAT BAG: Anything won/made at party, some HP goodies, some sweets and a piece of cake, pencils with raffia and broom names on.  Hope you have a good party.

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