Limo Party

Hollywood in a Limo -13yr- Scavengers & Cameras




Limo Party


Savannah in Newport Beach, Cali, USA


March 2009



For my 13th birthday, I had to go over the top. Every year since I was 8, I had a sleepover party and, thinking back, they were totally boring!

I had been to a car rally party before, and I wanted to do something extremely similar, but I didn't want to copy that idea. I also had been to an inverse surprise party, where the guests are surprised instead of the guest of honor. I really wanted to do something combining these two and I live about a half hour away from LA, so I had a movie star party.

INVITATIONS: My mom and I went to Where's The Party and found invitations that said Hollywood across the top. On the invitation we wrote Please come to Savannah's party!   We'll play Hollywood games dress up like movie stars and have tons of fun!" The party was supposed to last all day and we told the parents that when they called to RSVP.

DECORATIONS: We didn't have too many decorations since we weren't going to be at the house very long. Haha.

ACTIVITIES: As soon as the guests arrived we sat around in my family room and talked. About a half hour later there was a knock at the door and I said "Oh! It must be the pizza for lunch!" Even though I knew who it was gonna be! I saw the limo outside and screamed fooling my friends who came rushing to my side.

Then they saw the limo and ran past the driver and into the limo! Once everyone was in, my mom explained the game. We would be going up to LA to 3 different locations at which we would have separate scavenger hunts in teams.

We went cranked up the radio and drove up to a mall called The Grove. My mom had gone up earlier in the week and came up with tons of ideas for a scavenger hunt. We had 30 minutes at each location to find everything on the list.

We were also given disposable digital camera (found at CVS or Walgreens) and if we were to see a movie star (we never did but it was a possibilty!!) and take our picture with them we got 50 bonus points.

After the Grove we went to Rodeo Drive where everyone screamed Happy Birthday to me in front of Louis Vuitton (my favorite store!). Lastly we went to Grohmann's Chinese theater were we had to find different peoples footprints!

PARTY SNACKS: my mom packed sandwich making stuff so every one could make their own sandwches in the limo. We also brought chips and apples and carrots ad stuff.

CAKE AND FAVORS: After that we went back to my house where we did cake ice cream and presents!

My cake was amazing! It had a bunch of girl's sticking their heads out the window of a limo!!

Haha! As far as party favors my mom and I went to Target and found cute bags for like $2! We also found some lotions and bath stuff in the dollar section and some "make your own calendars" where you can put your picture in a little slip for each month!

Over all it was an amazing party!

I really hope I gave everyone some ideas!"

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