Limo Party

Party Bus Party (13-14yr) Moving Dance Party




Limo Party


Amanda in Memphis, TN, USA


March 2010



For my 13th birthday party, my mom rented a party bus for 3 hours that holds 26 passengers. The bus was decked with a stereo system, dance floors, mirrors, a bar, and changing lights.

INVITATION: The invitation was on regular white printer paper with purple words on it. It said, Name is 13 so come celebrate with us/On this cool and fun party bus!/We'll have music and karaoke for all./So come and dance under the disco ball!" For the details of the party I wrote when the party was where the bus was arranged to be to pick us up and the final stop which was a local restaurant. The invite also had a picture of the actual bus on it.

ACTIVITIES: The bus stopped at some local attractions such as the Pyramid the Mississippi Riverfront and the FedEx Forum. At each place we got out and took pictures.

At the river we sat down and ate snacks and drinks and hung out. It took a long time to get from one stop to another so in between stops we cranked up the music and danced on the dancefloors inside the bus. It was like a moving dance party!

Our last stop was at a pizza place so we got off of the bus for a final time. We ate pizza and birthday cake and stayed for about an hour. The guests' parents picked them up from there.

FAVORS: Throughout the entire party me and my mom were filming video footage of the guests and me having a fun time. I took all of this footage and edited it together into a 9-minute movie complete with background music. With a DVD-making system on my computer I made a DVD for each guest that attended the party.

I made a cover that would go on the face of each disc with a software I bought at Target and pasted it on every DVD. I bought colored DVD cases and put a DVD in each one. Then I mailed them to the guests from the party. When everybody got their DVDs they told me they loved them! I hope this party idea helped and that you have a great 13th/14th birthday party!"

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