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Limo Party


Jessica in Fort Worth Texas, USA


December 2012



My 13th birthday is in about 2 months and I have it all planned out and i thought it was a great idea to share it with you guys for some inspiration! 

INVITATION~ For the invitations there is a program called Send out cards for which you make the cards on the internet, personalize them, and then send them out! On the invitation I am going to simply put: It's Jessica's 13th! When: ______ Where:_____ RSVP to: ___ ***-***-**** This is one party you'll never forget! 

DECORATIONS: We are going to rent a limo with disco lights and lots of other cool effects. After we do the scavenger hunt we will go back to my house where the decor will be understated such as balloons, purple table cloth, silver plates and napkins, and the like. 

ACTIVITIES: First, 10 of my friends and I will be picked up from school in a stretch limo. Then we will go pick up my neighbor who is one year younger than me and goes to a different school so she gets out 1/2 an hour earlier than us and we will drop off all our bags at my house. We then will go to a nearby large shopping center which is perfect for the scavenger hunt.

First thing when we get there we will go and watch a movie at their theater and my mom will go and eat lunch while we are doing that. After the movie we will go and pickup my friend from her school (she is in a different school district from us and we have early release that day) and then drive back to the shopping center and we will begin the scavenger hunt. 

For the scavenger hunt, we will have two teams of 6.(I will not be playing because I made up the riddles)  They will each have a team color of either purple or silver and names will be drawn out of a hat so feelings won't be hurt. I will then give them a list of tasks to complete in riddle form. Rules:

1. Jessica is there for hints, not as an extra teammate and she cannot give you direct answers.
2. Complete tasks in order.
3. Stay with your teammates at ALL times.
4. Text either Jessica or someone on the other team if you are in trouble.

On the sheets they will have the same clues, just in a different order. I will start with one team, then when they get to their 6th task, i will go to the other team's next task and help them with their next 6. This is an example clue: Of kors, everyone is dying to go shopping at this store! Come here and take a picture with the store hours sign. They would then figure out that I was telling them to go to the Michael Kors store.

After that, the limo will drop us off at my house where we will eat dinner and watch movies for the rest of the night. The girls will be picked up in the morning after we eat breakfast. 

GAMES: The scavenger hunt is the only actual game" that we have planned but my friends and I will probably play girly teenager games like truth or dare flashlight tag and things like that. 

COSTUMES: I will get solid color purple and white (with glitter) t-shirts and have the girls wear those during the scavenger hunt. 

PARTY SNACKS: There will be cold sodas in the limo and we will get snacks at the movie. We will order pizza for dinner and eat popcorn and other junky candies during the movies at my house. 

CAKE: I always get a ice cream cake from Marble Slab Creamery so I will get that in a chocolate type flavor since who doesn't like chocolate?(: 

FAVORS: I will be providing lip gloss and a $5 Bath & Body Works gift card for each of the girls inside a purple sparkly baggie. 

Hope you got some great ideas from my idea I really enjoyed sharing it with you! Good luck and good planning.(:"

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