Limo Party

Limo Shopping Party -13yr- Limo to the Mall




Limo Party


Kris in Rolla, Mo USA


July 2007



My daughter and her best friend turned 13 only one week apart and wanted to do something most teenage girls love to do - SHOP!  So, we coordinated a limousine ride and shopping-spree party for 10 girls. 

The handmade invitations were limousine-shaped and made from card stock with each individual girl's name printed on the outside and the details of the party on the inside.  We started the party with a sleepover (only they didn't sleep!) the night before. 

The next morning, they all got ready together - even coordinating their outfits - and the limo arrived around 9 a.m. to start the fun. Because we live in a rural area, the nearest mall is about a 1 1/2 hour drive, allowing them plenty of time to enjoy the limousine.  We arrived at the mall and were dropped off at the door by our chauffeur. 

The girls had a great time trying on clothes, comparing outfits, eating lunch at the mall food court, and, literally, shopping 'til they dropped!  Each girl was responsible for their own purchases, although the other Mom and I were there for guidance, if needed.  (Managing their own budgets was an eye-opening experience for some of them and they learned to be quite selective with their purchases.) 

The ride home was just as fun, as the girls made sure to wave to all the passing cars who were curious about the VIPs" in the limo.  As parents arrived to pick up the girls they were all saying it was "the best party ever" and how "awesome" their day had been.  Now all the moms are ready to plan parties for ourselves!"

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