Limo Party

Limo Bus from School -13yr- Bear, Pasta & Fortunes




Limo Party


Diana Lynn in Jamison, Pa USA


Jan. 2004



For my daughter Rhiannon's 13th birthday, I really wanted to something so very special!  Her birthday is December 26th, so the first thing I did was have the party two months later, in February. 

I custom made and hand delivered the invitations a week prior to the party, {though I called all of the mothers 3 months prior with all of the SURPRISE details}.  I invited "13" of her girlfriends.  The girls only knew that I would be picking them up after school, and that they would be going out to dinner. 

I rented a luxury limo bus, with a bathroom.  I hired a party decorator who decorated the bus with balloons, made a BIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGGGG Happy Birthday sign for me to display at the doors of the school when everyone came out. 

The limo driver was all dressed up in his tuxedo and holding 13 individually wrapped carnations dipped in glitter and tied with ribbon to present to each of the  13 girls.  Rhiannon got a rose!  YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE FACES OF ALL OF THE OTHER CHILDREN AT THE SCHOOL.  Even the principle came out.  Rhiannon was totally surprised!!! 

When the girls boarded the bus, waiting for them was a white lunch bag with their name airbrushed on it.  Inside were cookies, crackers, chips, mints, candy, a bottle of water.  I also ordered from the pretzel factory 13 number 13 soft pretzels to be made.  Each pair of "13" was wrapped in a party cellophane bag and tied to the balloons placed next to each of their goody bags!  I had their favorite songs playing on the stereo.  I don't think they sat on the bus the entire time! 

Our first stop was BUILD-A-BEAR at the mall, where they each got to make their own bear. 

Next was dinner at Macaroni Grill, where her father and 4 year old brother were waiting.  At each setting was a glow necklace and bracelet.

After dinner we went to a palm readers home where all of the girls had their palms read.  While we were there I had a caricturist come by to do all of the girls. 

The limo bus then took all of us to their favorite {after the movies} hangout.  We then sang happy birthday and opened gifts. 

Eight of the girls were dropped off at their homes, and the rest {her closest friends} spent the night!  They had another goody bag waiting for them.  Inside the bags were all kinds of girly things, and a copy of teen magazine and a custom printed pillowcase that listed 10 REASONS WHY I ATTENDED RHIANNONS 13th BIRTHDAY PARTY. 

The 10 reasons that I made up the girls thought they were great.  WELL, A GREAT TIME WAS HAD BY ALL!!!

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