Limo Party

Limo Party -13yr- Limo to the Mall




Limo Party


Allison in Jupiter, Florida, United States


October 2006



For my 13th birthday i wanted to do something special.

Invitations: On red and gold paper, on the outside it read "Your invited to Alli's 13th birthday" in rimestones. Then it had all the information on the inside. It even told them to bring extra money if they wanted to buy anything. I invited 5 of my closest friends.

Three girls 2 boys. We got picked up on a Friday night in a Limo supplied from my dad. We all rode around for a half hour making lots of memories by taking pictures. After that we rode to our favorite place to hangout a big shopping center complete with restaurants, movie theater, and tons of shops.

We went to dinner at Johnny Rockets. We enjoyed the 50's feel of the restaurant.

We had burgers, fries, and milkshakes. At 6 o'clock the waitors and waitresses all danced to the song "stayin alive" We all enjoyed and started singing along. After this we all went to the mall. We all shopped and hung out at the mall. This is where they used their money.

Then after this we went and caught a 8:00 movie. We all laughed through the movie. After this we went outside to Sloans where we had ice cream and I opened presents. I also handed out the gift bags.

For the boys they were candy and these really cool sport pens. I had trouble finding things so I also gave them these cool posters of skateboarders and skate board keychains. For my girl friends, they all got candy, lip gloss, nail polish, eyeshadow, keychains, a bracelet, a necklace, and I bought us all matching shirts that said "Too cool for words".

After the boy's parents arrived my mom took my 3 friends and I home to sleep over. When we got home we gossiped, read magazines, did each others make up and painted each others nails. Each girl used the stuff provided in her gift bag to do her make up and nails. I bought them in special colors for each girl.

Then we watched 13 going on 30 for the occasion. After that was over we were still awake so we watched Just like Heaven and ate candy and popcorn. We ended up falling asleep by the t.v, but we were already in our PJ's and our sleeping bags were out.

The next morning we woke up at 10:00. Then we had pancakes, muffins, donuts, eggs, and bagels for breakfast.. Then we got changed into our bathing suits at about 12:00. After that the parents started to arrive so I started saying good bye one by one.

I hoped this helped you plan your party.

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