Limo Party

Limo Party -13yr- Limo to the Hotel




Limo Party


Ashley in Lexington Kentucky United States


February 2007



First off,let me say that my friends don't like doing much of anything and are really diffrent so this party was really difficult.

First off my mom rented a limo, I think it was a black stretch hummer,and picked us up from school. This limo took us to the mall, where we each made our own build a bear and got a t-shirt for it. Then we got back into the limo and went to the hotel.

We stayed in a suite so it was really fun. When we arrived we each picked rooms. There was like 3 rooms and four people but we all ended up sleeping in the same room. We put our stuff up since we were staying for the night.

Then we went out to dinner in this really nice resturant in the hotel. When we got back into the room we all changed into bathring suits and went down to the pool. We stayed down there for about three hours. When we came back it was like eight at night so we watched scary movies.

While they were watching those I snuck in one of the extra bedrooms and made each of them goody bags and tied them to the bears. Inside the goody bags were lots of candy, an accesory from Claires,a t-shirt that had a really good picture of us on it. Later I added a picture we took at buid a bear. I put all of this in this really cute makeup bag from claires. Then I got some really cute robbins put bows on the bears.

When I rejoined with the group we watched a couple movies and then when my mom and aunt went to bed we snuck out of the room and went up and down on the elevators. ( The key to not getting causht is,whenever the door opens press the close button.)They were really nice. Everytime the door opened we strick a pose for the guests getting in.

We played that for about forty five minutes and then we played on the stairs. We then finlly went to bed.

This party was pretty pricey because of the limo and hotel but, before you make reservations, see if you can get a discount for being locals and getting two rooms.

Look online for limos,it's much easier. If you want to make it a little more inespensive but still want to keep the limo and hotel just make the gift bags less exspensive and don't get the bears.

I hope you like the idea.!!

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