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Limo Party -14yr- Limo for Ice Cream




Limo Party


Kristin in Sparks, NV ...USA


March 2007



My daughter was born on St. Patrick's Day, so the usual green theme" party was getting boring.  So for her 14th birthday we matured the party idea a bit. 

For the invitation we purchased a box of glass bottles with a cork in them from the local party store. (Wilton's party favors)  We put some glitter a couple of green clovers and a rolled up message with a green ribbon attached (to pull it out).  The outside had clover stickers and on the top the cork has a little slit that we put a picture of my daughter when she was 3 years old playing dress up in Mommy's clothes that we copied and laminated (Kinko's total price under $8) 

The message said; You are cordially invited to attend Jennie's 14th annual St. Patricks Birthday bash.  Please accompany us for dinner at The Olive Garden (my daughters favorite) dressed in evening attire.  A limousine will be provide for the evenings festivities upon completion you will then be delivered home also in the limousine. (The limo company will map out the ride home if you provide them with the addresses.) 

Everyone came dressed to the nines.  Grandpa and uncle then became the paparazzi! (each have a digital camera with telephoto lenses holding over a thousand pictures each) saying look this way Ms.(different girls names) taking pictures all through dinner complementing how beautiful they all looked!  Everybody in the restaurant was looking as these beautiful teen girls were escorted to the awaiting limo by the very handsome driver being trailed by the paparazzi all the while! 

My daughter began opening presents between the next few stops.  I purchased a small chalkboard that my daughter decorated with letter stickers around the outside edge saying Jennie's 2007 Middle School Friends. I bought a scrap-booking limo which was glued on the bottom.  I then provided sharpies for each girl to "sign".  (*I have sprayed it with sealer and it is hanging in her room)

Our first stop was the local casino where outside they have amazing waterfalls which made for even better photo ops.  Cars were honking (and the girls were waving like beauty queens) as they passed by while the girls were getting their pictures taken together. 

The next stop was the local florist were her sister had bought a green rose and a green teddy bear with a Happy St. Patrick's Birthday Balloon. 

The following stop was to the park where we had some games planned.  We split the girls (7 of them odd number but the birthday girl played 1st on one team and last on the other) into two teams.  They had to put on a scarf hat and mittens while getting a chocolate bar unwrapped and eaten by using a plastic knife and fork.  (Of course we got lots of pictures of this!)  After it was eaten they could pass it on to the next in line.  The first team to finish got a picture by the limo with the driver (whom all the girls were crushing on). 

The second game was a relay with two teams again to race to eat a graham cracker and then whistle one at a time.  Same prize! 

Then on to the Cold Stone Creamery where each girl got birthday cake ice cream with two add ins.  We got to eat these in the limo while we drove to our last stop the party store.  I had pre-purchased 3 green balloons each with a little party favor bag tied as a weight.  That was a sight to see as we dropped off the girls at their houses (7 girls and 21 balloons inside the limo). 

We developed the pictures picking a favorite with everybody and the limo in it Jennie wrote a thank you note for each girl thanking them for their gift and for coming we used stick glue to attach it to the back of the picture then once again laminated them.  She passed them out the next Monday at school.  Each girl loved the memento of their dressed up girls night out! 

My 12 year old is 13 in 1 month and is now overflowing with ideas!  I hope that this will get your creative juices flowing!  Thank you!"

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