Limo Party

Limo Party -13yr- Create a Funny Outfit




Limo Party


Debbye in Camas, WA USA


November 2007



We wanted to plan something special for my daughter's 13th birthday.  The ultimate would be a limousine picking her and her friends up from school, and so that is what we did.  At first glance a limousine rental seemed beyond the budget, but as I called around I found that they really varied in price, and for a mid-afternoon rental most of the companies either had specials or were willing to deal with me on the price.  Another concern was that although she and her friends are twelve and thirteen, some of the parents would not be comfortable with the girls without a chaperone driving around town. 

The limousine company was happy to have me ride up front with the driver.  A nice compromise; the girls felt like they were on their own, but weren't.  Since we live in a fairly small town we decided to drive to each of the attendees homes to drop of their school backpacks and retrieve their sleepover bags.  Also, each mom could snap a photo or two along the way.  We then went to an ice cream shop in our town for ice cream cake. 

Next the limo dropped us at our home where the party began.  They played party games.we pinned cartoon character names on each of their backs and they had to ask yes/no questions to determine who they were, we did the mummy wrap contest with toilet paper, did guess the flavor of baby foods, played musical chairs, and had a hilarious fashion show.  Several weeks prior to the party we went to a local thrift store that you can buy by the pound. 

We bought enough clothing, shoes, hats, belts and cheap necklaces for nine girls for just over twenty dollars! 

We had prize dollars (I'll explain those dollars in a moment) for the girls dressed most like their grandmother, for the outfit you would most likely wear in public, for the least color coordinated outfit and so on.  Of course, all of this was video taped for a great laugh had by all.

With each of the party games the girls would get dollars (we made varying increments on the computer) for participation and additional monies were given to winners.  With these bucks we had an auction at the end of the evening. 

I dressed our dining room as the auction hall, found a gavel and wood piece on a thrift store run.   We wrote numbers on paper plates and used these as the bidding paddles.  I kept all of the items (mostly dollar store goodies) hidden in boxes under the draped auction table in the front of the room. 

We had nearly fifty items for bid, so each girl was able to buy several items.  This was the highlight of the evening.  The party was a sleepover so we had the usual pizza for dinner, movies before bed (wait, did they really ever go to bed..I don't think so) and breakfast the next morning.

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