Limo Party

Pink/Green Limo Party - Polka Dot Top Hat




Limo Party


Erica in Fountain Co USA


September 2008



Well I'll start off with what to get. For starters rent out a limo for how many hours you want. I chose a stretch pink limo. To find a great limo you have to pay attention to details on the inside because that's what counts. So make sure you get a limo with room on the floor, strobe lights, a nice bar and an awesome surround system. Also make sure the interior coordinates well with the details of the car.

Next I got everyone gift bags depending on how much money you want to spend and how old you are. I chose novelty candy glow shot glasses black masks and necklaces. Than for my girls that were coming to the after party I got vip passes,1 pink boa for you and than some lime green ones for your VIPs or the reverse, glow neon martini glasses for the after party and the rest as the others.

The cake, I say go for a cute round polka dot cake or top hat shape with polka dots.

For invitations there is a great site where you can get ticket invitations.

For the food get whatever you crave.

As for the after party I got red, black and white baloons, webs, strobe lights, candles and an Ouija board. Another key fact before putting all together make a burn cd of a collaboration of genres preferably something that's going to you want to get your groove on in the limo. 

Precautions, if ordering online make sure you order at least 4-6 days before your party. That way you don't end up paying extra for shipping and handling and it not show up the day of your party. Also talk to your limo driver and coordinator. Tell them what color schemes, drinks to add in the limo (comes with the limo). Key point for cd's and gift bags tell the chauffer to arrive early so you can hand him the cd and gift bags to hand out to the guest as they enter the limo. I would do this on the day just in case if they loose your items. Lights camera action.

The guest will arrive to eating location. I set it up in the backyard. A table had all the food and drinks. Tablewear I say use black paper plates, lime green cups, pink cups and white silverware.  Make sure to turn on some music. Don't forget to be a great host. Walk around greet your friends. Than its time for cake.

Make sure the limo comes possibly 25-30 minutes after the cake so people can relax. Than ask your mom/dad to pull you/friend inside when the limo gets there run out give them the stuff. Tell your friend to walk back and get the guest. When you do this you can either wait and sit in side or take pictures. Than get inside get situated. Either you or best friend makes a toast with shot glass. Than start having a blast. Be yourself ,play games, dance.

After you're done and you all get out.  Tell friend's goodbye, wait for all to leave. Than take the VIP to the after party. For snacks get your favorites salty, sweet tonight you can binge. Next either get cozy, watch some movies, or have a little party again. Let the girls chill for a little bit, snack, than we do some cheers and have a techno dance party.

If you're cozy after the movie, start lighting candles and do as the Ouija bored says. If partying than get in something cozy and than do the same. If you get nightmares easier try the ouija board first than dance or watch movie. Make sure you blow out all the candles and put everything away and either goes to bed, movies something relaxing. Than the party is done.

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