Limo Party

Diva Photo Shoot - Magazine Cover Thank You




Limo Party


Deanna in Omaha, Nebraska US


May 2008



My daughter wanted a Limo Party but I couldn't stop there!

For the invites, I made cards that had the letters Diva on the front held on with eyelets. (Using scrap booking supplies) In the invites, it said to come in denim shorts, skirts or jeans/capris.

When the girls started arriving, my daughter handed each of them a hot pink t-shirt that I have painted DIVA and glittered them. Around the neck and sleeves, I had taken black eyelash yarn and attached to give the t-shirt a little more diva-tude. The girls proceed to go to different stations around our house to get ready. Nails, hair and make-up. I told them they had 1/2 hour before their ride would be here. I ran out the door and laid the red carpet from the front door to the street, where the limo was waiting for them.

My sister went with the girls in the Limo and drove around for 1 hour running to quick shops and going through McDonald's and driving by house's and schools where the girls would see other people they knew..etc. While they did that, I was busy setting up shop at their next stop. The Limo dropped them off at an office building they were all confused and then my daughter started screaming.  It was their very own Photo Shoot.

The photographer took picts of each girl with the birthday girl, picts together and picts with the Limo, outside, inside everywhere! They where dancing to the cool music the photographer had playing, giggling and laughing the whole time! After their photo shoot, I took them into a board room that the photographer allowed me to use. (It's great to have a photographer as a BEST friend.) The girls sat down and ate a sub sandwich, and a Diva chocolate chip cookie decorated with frosted items like high heels, sunglasses and make-up.

They opening up gifts and danced around the board room making plans on where they were going next! The limo came back for the 2nd half of the party and we took the photographer with us. The girls pulled up at the mall and walked through with the photographer clicking the whole time. People stopped and stared, smiled and applauded the girls. THE GIRLS HAD CROSSED OVER TO THE DIVA WORLD!

We drove around for another hour.  I had also put in the invite that I wanted the parents at our house at a certain time they were all standing in our driveway when the limo pulled up over the hill. You should have seen the girl's faces when their parents were there taking picts of them as they poured out of the limo.

Each girl left with a boa, their t-shirt, little make-up kits and any Hair items that they used.

Later my daughter hand delivered to each of the girls a photo video that I put together as Thank you's.  Each cover was a pict of the girl she was giving the video to all dressed up. The pictures were made to look like DIVA Magazine covers.

It was an awesome party.  Can't wait to do it again for my youngest daughter and her friends!

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